Radialpoint parental filter/Virgin Media blocks Open Rights Group, EFF

Glyn sez, "The Open Rights Group's websites front page and the portions of the EFFs website (Deeplinks blog, Our work and Press room) are being blocked by Radialpoint Parental control software. We would be interested in knowing what other software out there also blocks the EFF and ORG." This is the software used by Virgin Media, the cablemodem ISP in the UK, for parents who want to screen their kiddies from all that is moist and pink. Link (Thanks, Glyn!)


  1. Er, are you sure that isn’t just because “the Parental Control server is down”? Hanlon’s razor – “Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity”.

  2. I tend to ascribe cock-up rather than conspiracy to these situations because the software has a lot of things blocked out of the box which the ops wouldn’t think to look at: also remember that this is an opt-in service for Virgin users rather than the default, and that a phone call or email to Virgin’s support will get it lifted. I used to work for a company who also had the EFF blocked at work and which the filter page described as ‘politics’. To be fair though it also blocked the Democrat and Republican home pages in the same way.

  3. Not saying this is true or anything, but if it is, what does “opt-in” have to do with it?

  4. I don’t know if I was making sense just now. What I meant was: If I opt-in for blocking of porn and other unsuitable content, it shouldn’t, in my mind, mean opt-in for blocking of the freedom-mongering of the EFF, for example.

  5. “Dan’s Gaurdian” software at my school blocks the EFF site. I can’t even find a place to download tor!

  6. “I can’t even find a place to download tor!”

    I think you just may have put your finger on the ‘problem’ that prompted blocking.

    There is a Wifi services company called ICOA that used to (and still may) block several Democrat-associated sites like democraticunderground.com while none of the major Republican forum sites I could think of were ever blocked. These access points were at certain hotels and restaurants.

    The only way I could tell the sites were blocked for certain was to use a proxy like Tor.

    So proxies that defeat censorship go on the corporate censorship lists too; not just government ones. And don’t think the corporate kind is necessarily opt-in because ISPs are now taking actions to filter out sites they deem to be a threat to the public.

  7. A funny thing –

    I just remembered why I clicked on this story. Cory posted another story a couple months ago, about Virgin Media’s CEO being against Net Neutrality.

    Well, my Virgin Mobile (sister brand to V.Media) minutes just ran out the other day and I completed the switch to another cellular carrier yesterday …after sending a message to VM about why I was switching.

  8. Eric Says:
    Well from the looks of it”Virgin Media PCGuard Password” could mean who ever took the screen shot. Has some software running in the background. It could be him/her or someone the owner of the photograph turn on the parent controls.

    Maybe someone who has access to the account… did it as a prank?

    Thanks for letting me comment.

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