Call for steampunk designs to be lasered into moleskines


11 Responses to “Call for steampunk designs to be lasered into moleskines”

  1. cycle23 says:

    I’m having a hard time reading these words without “Cleveland” in front of them.

  2. kaiza says:

    Steampunk Karma Sutra?

  3. shutz says:

    Somewhat related: I was reading a webcomic’s archives when I found this:

  4. Takuan says:

    whats new in laser tattoo branding anyway?

  5. wombat_jones says:

    They’re still engraving moleskins? stopped selling moleskins because moleskins contain PVC. PVC fumes released in the laser engraving process would be very toxic. Modofly stopped selling moleskins for a while because of this concern. Did they figure out a better way or is it not a danger?

  6. Cheqyr says:

    And the award for “The Most Uses Of ‘Steam-’ In A Single Paragraph” goes to …

  7. ecobore says:

    Oh no, this must be illegal because there is an image of a girl in it!!!!

  8. scissorfighter says:

    “…the hottest steampunk artists…”

    There are hot steampunk artists?

  9. Antinous says:

    Well, duh, you can’t have steam without heat.

    Clearly you don’t have a humidifier.

  10. Nelson.C says:

    Scissorfighter @7: Well, duh, you can’t have steam without heat.

  11. Setharian says:

    Well, I read the post on their site and have no idea what this is about. They don’t actually say that it’s a contest, if there’s a winner, if there’s anything to win, what will be done with the submitted art, why anyone would even want to do this, etc. Are they just looking to get artists to do free work for them? Who knows? Pretty poorly explained whatever it is.

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