Fake "living statue" prank by Mark Jenkins

Everyone's seen those "living statue" street performers who pretend to be sculptures and then try to surprise you by moving. A few weeks ago in Barcelona, prankster artist Mark Jenkins installed a real sculpture of a strange donkey and disguised it as a "living statue." What fun! The Golden Ass (YouTube)

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  1. That’s wonderful.

    “The Golden Ass” is a classical (Roman) novel involving magic, shapeshifting, and, uh, a raunchy animal act.

  2. I love how even the bravest souls could only muster a quick tap, just in case the statue *might* be real!

  3. Haha! this looks hilarious, I have seen someone do a similar thing.
    :( I tried to view the original video by clicking the link, but Youtube said “This video is no longer available”. Anyone know where I could view it?

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