Periodic Coffee Table

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This handsome Periodic Coffee Table contains samples of all stable elements. The radioactive elements are not included. Boo. Brownlee has the details over at Boing Boing Gadgets. Periodic Coffee Table (BB Gadgets)


  1. “…of all stable elements, save the radioactive ones.”

    Are there any stable elements that are radioactive? I thought the two were mutually exclusive.

  2. I don’t know if this is what they meant, but there are a lot of non-radioactive elements which are very unstable chemically.

  3. HARVEYBOING, you are correct; if an isotope is stable, it is not radioactive. The instability leads to decay which emits radiation.
    I can’t tell from the picture, but it looks like the table has some of the higher atomic number elements, many of which are unstable. Perhaps they meant naturally occurring elements (remember, uranium is naturally occurring, but unstable).

    Jake, unstable chemically usually means compounds that break down easily, or perhaps highly reactive elements.

    Still, cool table.

  4. There are radioactive isotopes of all elements. For instance, the kind of beryllium formed in the early universe was quite spectacularly unstable. Indeed, it long created a puzzle for cosmologists about why anything heavier than helium existed at all.

  5. That’s great. In the future will be ‘periodic tables’ like this one, but whatever substance is placed or spilled on it will be molecular scanned and identified, to which the appropriate sequence of elements will light up.

  6. Want!

    Still, it’s probably for the best that the radioactive elements are not included. As we are all aware, Radioactivity + ______ = Superpowers based on whatever ______ is, a la Spiderman, et al. Thus, you’d wind up with all the abilities of a coffee table–which of course just means you have an affinity for coffee and weird books.

    Hmm. Maybe I’m a superhero…

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