Candian band staples CC-licensed CDs to phone-poles with anti-Canadian-DMCA messages

Canadian rockers The Craft Economy -- whom we blogged last year when they stapled their CC-licensed CDs to telephone poles -- have done it again. Only this time, the CDs they've stuck up (the demo for their next commercial release) are also part of the band's protest against Bill C-61, Canada's answer to the American Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

The disc, containing a demo of "Menergy," a track off of the band's upcoming record (due late August) isn't simply Creative Commons licensed music like their previous hydro pole-only release, this time it's a Bill C-61 protest too (see that little piece of paper sticking out of the back of the disc? Yeah, that's the protest part). It reads, in part: This is far and beyond and more bizarre than the heavily criticized DMCA in the USA. Copyright should protect the rights of artists and producers of creative content, but it should not suppress creative and artistic expression. The Craft Economy has licensed our music, including this CD, using the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.5 license. This license gives you the freedom to share our music with your friends and enemies, and remix and use it in new and creative ways, provided you attribute the work back to us, and you don’t make money off our work. It’s fair for you and us. This is the way art should work.)
Torontoist: The Craft Economy Kill Bill C-61, The Craft Economy: We Make Love (Thanks, David!)


  1. “…against Bill C-61, Canada’s answer to the American Digital Millennium Copyright Act.”

    The answer to the American DMCA… is no.

  2. The Harper government never listens to anything except the sound of their own voice. Too bad those voices lag a nagging quality.

  3. I am a big fan of this. See, sticking things on someone else’s property CAN be a good bit of civil disobedience! Agreed with the creators that this is the way art should work.

  4. Why is it that when I think of “Kill Bill” I think of a movie?
    I wonder if it was intentional as an extra slap in the face?

  5. I have one of these! I found it right outside my house in Kensington Market. I’m thinking of putting it back out there now that I’ve listened to it, especially since I already know all about Bill C-61. I was going to email you guys about it, but someone beat me to the punch!

  6. what annoys me though is they always give you permission to make copies or remix it, but I’ve never seen the source (lyrics, chords, sheet music) made available for you to perform it yourself… they always seem to forget that little point…

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