Candian band staples CC-licensed CDs to phone-poles with anti-Canadian-DMCA messages


7 Responses to “Candian band staples CC-licensed CDs to phone-poles with anti-Canadian-DMCA messages”

  1. nikkesen says:

    The Harper government never listens to anything except the sound of their own voice. Too bad those voices lag a nagging quality.

  2. certron says:

    “…against Bill C-61, Canada’s answer to the American Digital Millennium Copyright Act.”

    The answer to the American DMCA… is no.

  3. James David says:

    I am a big fan of this. See, sticking things on someone else’s property CAN be a good bit of civil disobedience! Agreed with the creators that this is the way art should work.

  4. sofa0ne says:

    Why is it that when I think of “Kill Bill” I think of a movie?
    I wonder if it was intentional as an extra slap in the face?

  5. Garconniere says:

    I have one of these! I found it right outside my house in Kensington Market. I’m thinking of putting it back out there now that I’ve listened to it, especially since I already know all about Bill C-61. I was going to email you guys about it, but someone beat me to the punch!

  6. Brett Burton says:

    Is The Craft Economy’s Menergy a cover of the Patrick Cowley disco classic?

  7. manicbassman says:

    what annoys me though is they always give you permission to make copies or remix it, but I’ve never seen the source (lyrics, chords, sheet music) made available for you to perform it yourself… they always seem to forget that little point…

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