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BB pal Vann Hall suggests these two unrelated possibilities as the greatest Batman panels of all time. I like these, but I'm partial to "Batman does BDSM." Click the images above to see the panels larger. Vann writes:
I know: It's a tough call, given how many contain un[?]intentionally lewd or homophilic references -- I especially love the whole episode about the Joker "pulling a boner" but I think Joe Cannon might just be right about this illustration of Robin being taught the facts of life. The other panel is a long-time favorite of mine, and a possible contender for the throne.


  1. These two panels have been around for a while and were pointed out at Superdickery years ago. Surprised no one else recognized them. There are so many more examples there as well.

  2. Freshyill- Yeah, it’s funny, but it’s photoshopped. I am also suspicious of that panel up on the left, there.

  3. The “pulling a boner” episode is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while. It just goes on and on….

  4. It was an age of innocence. It was an age when a prime time television show starred an eight-year old boy named Beaver Cleaver. What innuendo?

  5. >It was an age of innocence.

    Look at the pulps, at the horror anthologies that were axed by the Comics Code, and at the serialized newspaper strips when they were worth something.

    The people writing the things were just like the people nowadays. That they happened to have been working fifty years ago means nothing – people were just as perverted and sneaky then as they are now.

  6. I call shenanigans on the “facts of life” panel on the left. The dialog is way off; DC would never have used the phrase “shut up” or ellipses in dialog.

    The one on the right with the Justice League is real though. I’ve got the DC Archive that the story appears in. Like the Joker pulling a boner and Batman and Robin wearing rubbers, it’s just a double entendre. Probably put in on purpose by the writers, but tame enough to get by the Comics Code.

  7. Yeah, I’ve got to agree that the Joker “pulling a boner” thing is one of the funniest things ever — when I first read it I couldn’t breathe, I was laughing so hard.

    “Come Robin, let us continue our studies of the greatest boners in history!”

  8. I remember a panel where Robin says “Yuck, mimes are the worst” – I think it was before the actual “mime” villain, but maybe not. I still remember it from ages ago cause I thought it was so funny (the art and the text)

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