Mutant animal photoshopping contest


6 Responses to “Mutant animal photoshopping contest”

  1. ahaman85 says:

    Isn’t this a little passe in the post spore-era?

  2. Phikus says:

    Ok, I think it’s officially Mutant Animal Day on BB (what with this and the monkey-headed pig and all…)

  3. adamnvillani says:

    Ack! Gross! Not cute! Do not want!

  4. GregLondon says:

    All my life I’ve been searching for the six-fingered otter who killed my father.

  5. Phikus says:

    GREGLONDON@3: You just made me spew coke all over my keyboard, laughing!

  6. wangleberry says:

    fake. lol

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