Alphabet made out of corpses in Halo

Raketentim sez, "The Halo Corpse Alphabet is a rather macabre project with the goal being to represent every letter of the alphabet by the twisted, curved, stretched, and otherwise dead Spartan and Elite bodies from Halo 3. The Halo community was clearly up for the challenge as they miraculously managed to capture every single letter, number, and even some punctuation in the form of screenshots." Halo Corpse Alphabet (Thanks, Raketentim!)


  1. My daughter had a Sesame Street Grover alphabet book when she was little, in which Grover was bent and twisted into all the letter shapes (he’s apparently very flexible). This is better, though I suppose not for little kids.

    Also, “C” is for cookie, and that’s good enough for me!

  2. I’m sure there’s an Edward Gorey/”Gashlycrumb Tinies”-style mashup to be made out of this.

    A is for Arthur, overwhelmed by the Flood,
    B is for Barry who drowned in his blood,
    C is for Charlie, crushed by a Brute,
    And D is for Desmond, who punctured his suit.
    E is for Edward, chewed up by a Drone,
    And F is for Frank, who expired with a groan.
    Glen fell from his Warthog and died on the spot
    And Howard was knifed, bombed and finally shot.
    A grenade fell on Ivan and blew him to bits,
    While John lost his life after multiple hits.
    K is for Kenny – some bastards killed him –
    And L is for Leo, ambushed in the gym
    M is for Michael, picked off by Elite,
    And N is for Nelson, who lost both his feet.
    Ox was a Spartan, but now he’s a smear,
    And Peter got vaporized some time last year.
    Quentin was chopped into bits by a Grunt
    And Roy lost his life on his way to the front.
    S is for Sam, who ran out of ammo
    And T is for Terry, allergic to camo.
    Uther had both his arms ripped from their sockets,
    Vic died when his Hornet was hit by two rockets
    W’s for William, who dropped a grenade
    And X is for Xavier, stabbed on parade
    Y is for Yorick, run down by a biker
    Last, Z is for Zero, killed with a Spiker.

    (Apologies to Halo fans for any errors, and to everyone else for the quality of the verse).

  3. Ewe, at first I thought it was too macabre–until I clicked on the link. Hilarious and clever! I’m not a game guru, which explains my confusion.

    BTW, great poem ANGUSM.

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