Jasmina Tešanović: Dragan Dabic Defeats Radovan Karadzic


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  1. Beanolini says:

    #1, Dogmatique:

    The article implies the latter.

    Karadzic’s beard was shorn for his court appearance.

  2. dogmatique says:

    Hang on, is that an actual photo of Karadzic unknowingly taken by Bruce Sterling, or just a Karadzic look-a-likey?

  3. Anonymous says:

    “Dragan Dabic has reduced the bitter Yugoslav civil war to a black-humored Serbian wisecrack, yesterdays news.”

    That may be the case in Serbia, but in Bosnia, where people are still finding their loved ones’ bones and psychological scars haunt women who were raped and people who saw their relatives murdered and homes destroyed, the war was one of aggression on helpless civilians rather than a civil war, it was not a joke, and it’s very much in the present.

    Those in Belgrade who do remember the war understandably prefer to forget their responsibility.

  4. Antinous says:

    They had a sprinkling of younger football hooligans, who can’t remember the war, but hate anything they can’t understand.

    If only there were a country where this wasn’t true.

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