Large Hadron Rap, best supercollider rap ever


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  1. the Other michael says:

    how come there isnt a repraprap

  2. brooklyntwang says:

    Yes, that would be Les Horribles Cernettes, or LHC for short.

  3. magista says:

    This is totally going to be included in the new section of my physics course on the standard model!

  4. agentengram says:

    Well thats pretty cool fer sure. They even have a video, but TRF was rapping about CERN and the LHC before it was cool. But thats Nerdcore, we rap about uncool things, at least the things the normals dont consider cool.

    Madman The Greatest Remix of Cern Giddyup

    CERN Giddyup

  5. SuperStrong says:

    This is a little late, but I run a production company that makes radio-quality educational rap and pop music. We really need to add videos to them, but in the meantime the songs will blow you away. The gauntlet has been thrown!

    Here’s the first science album:

    Rhythm, Rhyme, Results

  6. Micah says:

    Best supercollider rap ever?

    Maybe, but not best physics rap ever. I’d have to nominate MC Hawking, the dopest computer rapper around, for his classic E=mc Hawking. It’s a shame they took down the best MP3s from that site.

  7. JDspeeder1 says:

    She can collide with my hadrons any time.

  8. brooklyntwang says:

    I also love how many of the comments on the youtube video page are from people that think the LHC is going to destroy the earth.

    And I am still just amazed how AlpineKat is able to succinctly explain, in so few lines, things like mass-energy equivalence, the case for dark matter, how particle collision are used to detect unseen particles using conservation of energy/momentum, what antimatter is, the mystery of unequal amounts of matter/antimatter, the higgs mechanism for giving mass to particles, the weakness of gravity and its possible explanation with extra dimensions, and what each experiment (LHCb, ALICE, CMS, ATLAS) is doing.

    I guess being a professional science writer helps.

    Cory, I’m so jealous of your trip to CERN. I’m on the waiting list, which means I’ll get to visit sometime several years from now.

  9. Zippy Gonzales says:

    New Scientist’s blog has a less fuzzy version of the vid:

  10. ErikO23 says:

    i disagree with the notion that MC Hawking is better. He didn’t say much and his flow was weaker in my opinion.

  11. ill lich says:

    Yeah. . . uhhh. . . no offense, but that flow is so 1982. It sounds like typical “clueless ‘herb’ attempts rhyming” to me, like whenever Homer Simpson tries to rap. But then again it IS just a novelty song, so it’s no worse than “Rapping Duke” I guess.

    Nice idea though, and it could’ve been much worse.

  12. Man On Pink Corner says:

    Is there a place where this is posted with its original (meaning, non-fucked-by-Youtube) sound?

  13. FumarMata says:

    Scientists can’t dance

  14. Xenu says:

    Yikes. There should be a law against people like Cory blogging about rap videos.

  15. Agent 86 says:

    Greatest Physics rap of all time? I think not! Maybe most informative.

  16. fightcopyright says:

    These physics raps just perpertuate anti-matter stereotypes and encourage further annihilation.

    Oh sure they claim to rap about “reality”, but scientists need to realize that they are role models and focus on positive messages like magnetic monopoles.

  17. Faustus says:


    Hahahaha! Awesome comment.

  18. MrMonkey says:

    Pardon the “me too” comment, but that was AWESOME!

    The best part was in the credits, where it says “Back-up dancers prefer anonymity”. Too funny.

  19. MarkHB says:

    That’s hilarious :D Thanks for sharing.

  20. albedo says:

    Day late but thought it pertinent to point out a precedent: CERN also hosted the first ever photographic image on the WWW (posted by St. Tim), that of Les Cernettes, another all-femme band spawned from particle collisions:

  21. trr says:

    Meanwhile, Tevatron ( is already getting cool results and is no one is talking about it.

  22. se7a7n7 says:

    Great video! So much easier to follow than reading “The Elegant Universe”

  23. G_E_Gardner says:

    “…came away with the impression that if this thing causes the universe to wink out of existence, it’ll have been worth it. ”

    Heck, it might be worthwhile even if it doesn’t destroy the universe.

  24. padster123 says:

    Really nicely done. Actually gave me shivers up my back – the amazing things that are being attempted.

    And that must be a pretty exciting place to be working, as a young scientist…

  25. THE FIFTH KNIGHT says:

    Well let’s just ‘Rap-Rap-Rap’ right down this rabbit-hole, and see how far it really goes!

    Remember: Follow the ‘White Rabbit’!

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