Monkey from Mars?

This tiny alien in a jar is on display in the lobby of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. (Click image to see the full picture.) OK, it's not really an extraterrestrial. It's a shaved monkey from a UFO hoax fifty years ago. Two barbers and a butcher eventually confessed to slicing off the dead monkey's tail, removing its hair, and giving it a greenish tint. From the Associated Press:
Monkeyaliennnn Then they left the primate on an isolated road north of Atlanta in the pre-dawn hours of July 8, 1953, burning a circle into the pavement with a blowtorch before a police officer came around the curve in his patrol car.

"If we had been five minutes earlier, we would have caught 'em in the act," said Sherley Brown, the officer who happened on the scene.

The barbers, Edward Watters and Tom Wilson, and the butcher, Arnold "Buddy" Payne, told the policeman they came upon a red, saucer-shaped object in the road that night. They said several 2-foot-tall creatures were scurrying about and the trio hit one with their pickup before the other creatures jumped back in the saucer and blasted skyward – leaving the highway scorched.
Alien in a jar (Yahoo! News)