Zombies reciting haiku

Here's a three-minute youtube of two guys in zombie outfits reciting haiku (about zombiism) and blowing artistic sax notes -- while, in the background, zombie apocalypse unfolds. Thank you, zombie guys, for productively filling three minutes of my life! Zombie Haiku (Thanks, Megan!)


  1. cdell @#2

    “The excellent video is promoting the even more excellent book Zombie Haiku written by Ryan Mecum who plays the haiku reciting zombie in the video.”

    Thanks, I hadn’t seen that.

    BTW: You can embed long links (like Amazon URLs) so that folks don’t have to try to read them (nobody can, anyway). Do you see how my link (in the text I copied from your post) doesn’t bleed all over the items in the right column?

  2. FAKE! You people are so gullible.

    (I suppose I could have said sheeple, but even I have standards)

  3. As we witness the birth of a new literary tradition…I can’t wait to sign up for Zombie Lit 101.

  4. I have to admit this made my day. Zombies reciting haiku is awesome. Its inspiring actually.

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