Forlorn bananas of London

The London Bananas Blog features page after page (after page after page!) of photos of forlorn banana peels on the streets and pavements of London. Here's my contribution to the effort. London Bananas (Thanks, Look For the Woman!)


  1. I once saw a banana peel lying next to a candy wrapper in the street and foolish me, never thought to document it.

    I have also noticed that there are cigarette butts (different brands) on the pavement in many cites…I look forward to the full documentary!

    And people say that the internet is a waste of time!!


  2. ‘Forlorn’ is one of my favorite words. Glad to see it getting the attention it deserves.

    1. desolate or dreary; unhappy or miserable, as in feeling, condition, or appearance.
    2. lonely and sad; forsaken.
    3. expressive of hopelessness; despairing: forlorn glances.
    4. bereft; destitute: forlorn of comfort.

    [Origin: bef. 1150; ME foreloren (ptp. of forlesen to lose completely), OE forloren (ptp. of forléosan); c. OHG firliosan (G verlieren), Goth ]

  3. @3 – and someone’s going to complain about the flavour* of the free ice cream.

    Me, I just think it’s wonderfully surrealistic. And the combination of the words “Forlorn Bananas” is hilarious.

    *”u” added out of respect to London.

  4. Partially related (because Charlie Chaplin was from England):

    Yesterday (August 2, 2008) The Turner Classic Movies channel in the US was honoring Charlie Chaplin, showing many of his films. In one that I caught, “The Circus”, there is a scene where The Little Tramp has to take over for a tight-rope walker. During the act, escaped monkeys climb onto the rope and…. yes, you guessed it, leave a banana peel on the rope for Chaplin to slip on!

    How far back does that joke go, anyway?

  5. And with this entry ‘The Forlorn Bananas of London’ boing-boing officially “jumps the shark”.

    It was a great ride. Thanks everyone and take care.

    I’ll miss you all (sniff).


  6. A modest Proposal: Henceforth, “jumps the shark” will no longer be considered as polite speech and shall constitute grounds for immediate defenestration with extra helpings of ignominy. All in favour?

  7. Centuries now since the Surbanan Diaspora, my people can be found in every major city of the world. Unassuming and, yes, forlorn, they nevertheless make a unique contribution in their host countries.

    Find out more about the Surbanan people and culture here.

  8. Hey, that’s just around the corner from my office. To think, I could have walked past that very banana skin!

  9. Re #11. I am of a split sentiment on your proposal for disposal. Certain terms are of themselves offensive or become so by application. I concede the term as used here needs a rest.

    Defenestration however demands some care in application of it’s own. Phrase it as defenestration into a Shark Tank and you’ve got my vote.

  10. Er, I should mention that the above link in my comment is perhaps NSFW, though nothing worse than you might happen to see on BoingBoing (no nudity.)

  11. FYI, the old slapstick of slipping on a banana peel was once a real hazard: at the beginning of the 20th century, banana companies created such a huge demand for their product that cities had a hard time time cleaning up after all the discarded and slippery fruit rinds that people left behind. St. Louis even enacted a law against throwing peels on the street! Some cities organized sanitation departments around cleaning up banana peels, which is why, after a while, the hazard subsided, and the whole thing became vaudeville, then silent movie, and now – apparently – a bit of bloggers’ jocularity.

    I love those pictures.

  12. I have also noticed that there are cigarette butts (different brands)

    JG @ 2, you don’t need to be worried until you start seeing Morley butts.

  13. @28

    Nah, it’s definitely Cowcross street. You can see the restaurant La Cucina in the background which, if you manage to make it past the banana skin, does a fairly mean Calamari.

  14. Pictures of forlorn bananas are not quite what I was looking for. Do they have a picture of a disappointed horse? (yes, I know, how 2005 of me).

  15. @ Pepsi_Max2k

    You can call fakery or photocroppery or jiggery pokery on any man’s ass you please. I know this particular artist, and the response you would get would be: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  16. #11: it’s maybe offensive if you thought Happy Days actually got worse after The Fonz jumped the shark. i’ve seen some episodes of the ‘Days and conclude it can only get better once you add man-eating creatures of the sea.

  17. London?

    I thought the Forlorn Bananas were from Chicago. I could’ve sworn I saw them play Dreamerz once…

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