Found: massive number of endangered gorillas


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  1. alisong76 says:

    So are they still endangered?

  2. minamisan says:

    at last, i can find out what they taste like without feeling guilty.

  3. jjasper says:

    I for one welcome our new Gorilla overlords.

  4. soupertrooper says:

    @#16-”See my loafers former gophers”!

  5. Takuan says:

    thank the gods! Now we can go back to hunting them!

  6. echolocate chocolate says:

    Gorilla gorilla gorilla gorilla.

  7. jazminecat says:

    Geez, why didn’t they just include a map with the article so the poachers could find them a little easier. so much for conservation efforts. sheesh.

  8. technogeek says:

    Conservation efforts are going to have to include active policing… and a willingness to shoot poachers. Not necessarily with tranquilizing darts.

    Along with limiting the number of people into the area even on ecotourism trips, to prevent unnecessary disease exposure.

    It’s not going to be cheap, and it’s going to require that the rest of the world take up some of the cost.

    But it’s a heck of an opportunity to make up for past mistakes.

  9. travelina says:

    That’s great news for the lowland gorillas. I wish someone would find a hidden population of the even-rarer mountain gorillas, which are presently down to about 720 individuals total in the entire world, mostly in the Virunga Mountains of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where they have to dodge militia, illegal charcoal traders and corrupt park officials:

  10. rosiepose says:

    What we have here is a total and complete lack of common sense…are these news people idiots???? what don’t they just call all the cold-hearted, cruel hunters at their homes and tell them where to find the gorillas…..”lackacommonsense” is a disease that is rampid in this world!!!!!!!

  11. Takuan says:

    isn’t there some lunatic with an army threatening to kill the gorillas if he isn’t paid off? The poacher patrol doesn’t need machine guns, they need air support

  12. Pixel says:

    Lowland Gorillas Discovered to be Half as Endangered as Previously Thought.

    Couldn’t resist.

  13. ill lich says:

    Alternate headline:


  14. gonzilla says:

    and one of them is named Caesar

  15. Patrick Dodds says:

    How long before they are all killed? Aren’t humans marvellous!

  16. mdhatter says:

    Let’s keep our hands off these damned dirty apes.

  17. bitman362 says:

    There are very very few things that should be kept “Top Secret” and never, ever, released to the public. This was one of them.

  18. stratojoe says:

    Astonishing! I’ll be the first to sign up for an eco-tour of this area! I really hope someone starts one.


    I agree with Bitman. This should have stayed really really quiet. That ecotourism thing kills me though. Take a tour of virgin land, and leave behind oil slicks and diesel fumes. Don’t even get me started on that whale watching idiocy.

  19. monstrinho_do_biscoito says:

    the best thing that could have happened to these gorillas is not being found by humans.


  20. Hal says:

    but did they find the mokele-mbembe?

  21. ivan256 says:

    #3: Which part of “a tip from hunters who indicated the presence of gorillas” didn’t you understand?

    The poachers knew the gorillas were there first.

  22. KBKarma says:

    @jazminecat: That’s Botswana’s policy on poaching, as I recall. They get the Defence Force Reserves to act as anti-poaching squads.

  23. ispinyarns says:

    Bitman, I would tend to agree with you, my friend. My first thought when I saw this story was, “Poor gorillas.”

  24. mazerrackham says:

    I wondered where I put my gorillas

  25. keratacon says:

    This isn’t good news for the gorillas. *THEY* knew they were there. We just found them. This has a distant potential of not being bad news, but that’s about the most positive thing you can say for it.

    As to wanting the press to keep it silent. How western-centric can you get? The poachers probably have more access to local media than they do US-based english language blogs. It’s basically out of our (Americans) hands, as are many of the worlds problems.

  26. IWood says:

    Excellent. Now I can have my vest made.

  27. Samurai Gratz says:

    At last! Humans discover the hidden Gorilla City in the Congo! Someone call the Flash–Gorilla Grodd is no doubt afoot!

  28. James David says:

    They were clearly regrouping to trounce the humans.

  29. Jeff says:

    I say kill them all now. I saw Planet of the Apes, so I have a good reason for wanting to prevent a very nasty future! Seriously, it could happen. It’s like global warming: we need to act now to prevent a very bad future. Where killer apes have turned us into their slaves!

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