Elevated goat pen


Aaron says: "This amazing, elevated goat pen seems to be up your alley. They walk along planks above the visitors. It is at Underwood Family Farms [in Moorpark, California] ,which also has a lot of other animals."


  1. Look, bird poops from the air is bad enough, but the potential here is unthinkable.

  2. goat poops are not super messy. rather, they excrete in the form of many pellets that would bounce off, not stick to anything they may hit below.

  3. How about you feed me a tub of beer and soft fruit…or pretzels, that’ll do too.

  4. It’s just like that Beatles song. You know: “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”. Except the diamonds are goats. And I don’t know who Lucy is.

  5. there’s a similar setup at a petting zoo right near Mount Rushmore – the goats just hang out on planks 8 feet in the air.

  6. City slickers! This goat pen isn’t “amazing”. It’s common, actually. I’ve seen them many in many locales.

  7. Am I the only one who read that as Morpork, Ca? Which actually seemed more in keeping with the whole elevated goat trails thing.

  8. Underwood Family Farms is the place in LA nobody tells you about until you have kids. I bought from their farmers market stands for years and never knew about the farm itself. The goat skywalk is definitely a highlight. I’ve been several times and never had goat droppings fall on me (which was my initial concern). There’s lots of pix on Flickr of the elevated goat action:


    By the way in the fall: pig races!

  9. Mopork? That’d be No-pork. Miles from Moorpark, Underwood Farms is actually on the outskirts of the tiny town of Somis, CA.
    I always look for the goaties when I pass by on California Highway 118.

  10. There’s a place like this in Hayward, Wisconsin, called the Wilderness Walk. They don’t extend over the walkways, but they are trained to pull a bucket up a rope to their “fort” to get the tasty corn inside.

    There’s lots of other critters there too…

  11. I require some blank framed canvases. My personal assistant, Heinz, shall place them under my direction at precisely chosen spots under the walkways. I will be accepting bids for these one-of-a-kind masterpieces shortly.

  12. Ard’s Farm Market in Lewisburg, PA (http://www.ardsmarket.com) has a similar elevated walkway for their goats, though the boards aren’t quite so narrow. They even attached a feeding contraption with a bucket attached to a long belt that deposits the feed at the top of the tower. I have some closeup photos, but unfortunately none of the entire construct/contraption.

  13. #12 skramble is correct. Goat poop is solid, like mouse droppings, but much bigger. And more rounded. OK, they’re not like mouse droppings at all.

    #28 takuan, your canvas would be mostly blank, as they would bounce off. Unless you were to pick them up and use them to sketch, like charcoal.

    This gives me an idea. Since they are already so dry, and conveniently packaged in conveniently sized pellets, why not collect them and burn them in place of charcoal?

  14. The fainting goats are up in Napa Valley somewhere by the geyser. When I was there I did not see any of the goats faint. They didn’t have elevated goats though — too dangerous for the goats.

  15. They used to have a setup like this at Chahinkapa Zoo in Wahpeton, ND (it was removed after some major flooding in 1997). Ah, childhood memories. You could crank corn feed up this mini-grain elevator and the goats would chow down on it up in their elevated hangout.

  16. North of Vernon on the 97A in British Columbia there is a spot called “Dave’s Goat Walk” where the goats walk a catwalk above the driveway. For 25 cents you can put corn in a tin can and the goats pull it up to the platform with a pulley.

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