Knitting all of Mario level one into a giant scarf

The Mario Scarf Blog document's Cassie's "extreme-geek knitting" project: to knit a long strip of cloth that depicts the entire first level of Super Mario Brothers. This is the utter apotheosis of geek crossover passtimes. The Mario Scarf (via Craft)


  1. I sure hope they paint in the details later, that plain design makes my brain hurt (it unconsciously knows something’s amiss)

    Also, did it ruin anyone else’s Mario experience when they realized that the bushes are just green clouds?

  2. this was great, I think it is that part from the stage 1 where the secret invisible 1up is located.

  3. Hi there. I’m the person knitting the scarf. I plan on stitching in the details when the length is finished. I plan on adding a lot of fine details that would be hard to do with the size yarn/needles I’m working with.

  4. You know, the great thing about a long life is that wonders never cease. I mean, what a jaw-dropping thing….

    Cave paintings? We will be known for our knitting.

  5. That is really interesting, I’m guessing it’s going to be a very long scarf. Do ya’ll have any plans to knit other games? It’s really going to look cool when you finish adding all of the details.

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