Montauk Monster replica


10 Responses to “Montauk Monster replica”

  1. Torley says:

    There should be a Pokemon-type version of this, or a Beanie Baby nicknamed “Mauntie”.

  2. sonny p fontaine says:

    don’t taunt montauk monster

  3. atteSmythe says:

    That’s a minion of Gozer if I’ve ever seen one.

  4. Phikus says:

    “cannot be worn” -Damn!

  5. Sork says:

    I must swiftly make a replica of the eBay Montauk Monster and sell it on craigslist.

  6. Shrdlu says:

    Colbert was right. It does look like John McCain, even more so in acrylic resin.

  7. Mister N says:

    I guess all your family and friends will have a blast playing with a latex replica of the Montauk Monster……

  8. wwwostblogat says:

    it looks like the biblic creature “behemoth”:

    maybe killed by “Leviathan” ;)

  9. Anonymous says:

    Well, if this ‘Montauk Monster’ thing is some type of viral marketing campaign, the lawyers will be all over the replica any second now.

  10. Pipenta says:

    Why would anyone want a replica of a bloated dog corpse? Ugh.

    Unicorn chaser plz.

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