Travis Louie edition from Pressure Printing

Travislouuuuu Our pals at Pressure Printing and Hi-Fructose Magazine teamed up to produce this incredible Travis Louie fine art print, titled "Bride of Stan." It's an intaglio print encased in a hand-cast resin frame with dome glass. As always with Pressure Printing, the attention to detail in the production process is incredible. The edition is limited to 50. Each one is signed, numbered, and sells for $350.
Travis Louie: Bride of Stan (Pressure Printing), How to order Bride of Stan (Hi-Fructose)

UPDATE: Pressure Printing proprietor Brad Keech just informed me that the amazing frame was cast from an early 1900s original frame. Wow. They sure don't make frames like that anymore. Well, not usually anyway.


  1. “Oh honey, that would be perfect in the baby’s room.” A great place to hide a nanny-cam: in back of the eyeball.

  2. if that is really an intaglio print, that is awesome! great tones and hardy any outline( at least from the looks of it).

  3. It is an incredible print—the close-up makes it appear to be a mezzotint, which would be the only conceivable way it could be done without linework. And it looks like it’s based on a drawing, which is equally impressive. Be it zinc or copper, plates are fickle things and this is quite an edition of prints. Frame is beautiful too. Can anyone confirm the process? Mezzotint or collagraph?

  4. Brad from Pressure Printing says:

    “The intaglio print is a polymer etching from a scanned image of Travis’s painting. The super close up, in the detail pictures, does make it look sort of like a mezzotint, but it is actually the random patterned screen that breaks up the image so that you can print it as tiny little dots. Not quite
    as glamorous as a true mezzotint, but it is very rich and complimentary to the painting.”

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