Victorian ParaTechnology art -- protosteampunk from 1993-1996

Marque's kinetic steampunk sculptures, built from junk, are very striking -- I'm really fond of "self-portrait," the first piece in the video. Marque made 'em 1993-1996, and he says, "Back then, I was calling it 'Victorian ParaTechnology'. The moniker of Steampunk flows so much better." Early Steampunk Kinetic Sculptures 1993-96 (Thanks, Marque!)


  1. Yum! I especially like the “ghost in the machine” aesthetic. I love *S*T*E*A*M*P*U*N*K* anyway, but I find the steampunk-by-accident stuff the most interesting. It shows how widespread the aesthetic is, that it steampunks when it’s steampunk time, though its practitioners don’t really have a name for it. And, by not hewing to a sort of canon, they can expand it.

    The ghostly aspect (spiritualism, portraits of dead children) also gives steampunk an edge.

  2. This guy’s stuff is really beautiful.

    I love the use of plumber’s strapping (the metal perforated strips). I’ve used it a lot myself for projects — I have a lamp made from a glass wig head, bound with plumber’s straps and threaded rods, and mounted to an inverted steel bowl. Very Borg Queen looking.

  3. i think proto-steampunk would be easily traced back to art jewelry from the 1970’s. by the nineties, steampunk was already a word and there were scads of artists doing it successfully, most namely Thomas Mann.

  4. WOW!!!

    I would love to have one of Marque’s stunning works in the Steampunk Exhibition.

    Fantastic sculptures- all.

  5. City of Lost Children and Delicatessen are awesome steampunk movies, without even trying to be. I’m just sayin.

  6. Spooky cool! I especially liked the one at 1:30 with the monitor set into a manniquin’s face. They must be stunning up close.

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