Animatronic zombie that rises out of your garden and chases people, dragging its entrails


14 Responses to “Animatronic zombie that rises out of your garden and chases people, dragging its entrails”

  1. Shrdlu says:

    I’m going to dig a hole in my front yard and hire someone to play the zombie. In fact, I know some people who would likely do it for beer. I’m all about value.

  2. Alkwerte says:

    Mix it with an automatic lawn mower !

  3. GammaBlog says:

    Must be the economy, people are eager for the zombie-in-the-hole jobs. Cheaper than robots, we.

  4. alisong76 says:

    I’d steal it.

  5. ployntabs says:

    A real zombie would be cheaper and more fun.

  6. Drew Blood says:

    BizarroPippy has the right idea! Steal the concept, hire someone (or to share the fun have Halloween partygoers work in shifts), and the effect would be cheaper and more entertaining. Still and all, if you’ve got $3000 or so to throw about, it’s pretty fun. My car cost less than this thing though.

  7. Shrdlu says:

    #10. I thought that was my idea.

  8. GammaBlog says:

    Thoughts of instilling a bit of Wednesday Adams in the little one, Cory?

  9. moonracer23 says:

    I like the decorative robot lawnmower idea!

    I think the add might have worked better if it wasn’t so close up (at least half could have been a full lawn shot) and there wasn’t some person adding lame groan sounds in the background.

  10. horseradishroad says:

    any reason the zombie sounds like a flabbergasted oliver hardy, or perhaps a horny scooby doo? more ridiculous than frightening.

  11. BizarroPippy says:

    Wouldn’t any passer by worth their zombie survival salt just shoot it in the head or chop it to itty bits with the weapon they are inevitably carrying and you would be out $2650?

  12. anthropomorphictoast says:

    Looks cool but…wtf is up with the SOUND? I make better zombie noises when I wake up too early. ;P

  13. mr.skeleton says:

    Surely there must be a way to up the power and attach it to some sort of sinew and bone rickshaw.

  14. Bobdotcom says:

    OMG I totally want this! But yeah, it *is* a bit pricey for our modest income.

    @1 Gammablog: nothing wrong with that. I for one, am always looking for ways to soothe my inner Gomez Addams.

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