For those about to rock (Cinefamily video)

(NSFW: video contains nudity). The kind folks behind LA's long-running Cinefamily ("an organization of movie lovers devoted to finding and presenting interesting and unusual programs of exceptional, distinctive, weird and wonderful films") put together this YouTube tribute to our great and powerful nation. It features the four things that make America awesome:

(1) strippers
(2) wrestlers playing guitar
(3) babies in patriot drag
(4) AC/DC

It was originally produced for a 4th of July event they did, but every day in America is a day in which these virtues should be celebrated.

For Those About To Rock We Salute You (Virtual Fireworks) (YouTube)

(Thanks, Hadrian Belove, and Ruth + Coop)


  1. @#3: They rock! And rock is America. And if you don’t like that, we have a million red, white, and blue babies who are ready to destroy you.

  2. Let me channel the spirit of my extended family…


    Well, from one half. The other half of the extended family is busy giving the one half the evil eye, whilst muttering “After Christ / Devil Comes. Knights in Satan’s Service. Praise the Lord. Tithe.”

  3. America’s ability to pretend non-American things are American (AC/DC, Jesus, etc.) is another thing that makes us great.

  4. Clearly from a time before America discovered the Brazilian wax.

    And a fifth thing that makes America great: Schoolhouse Rock!

  5. Australia is just like America, but with shrimp on the BBQ instead of burgers, and polite but patronizing New Zealanders instead of polite but partronizing Canadians.

    AC/DC cannot rock without America as much as America cannot rock without AC/DC.

  6. From a Cinefamily regular, Hadrian is amazing and (almost) all the programming is truely wonderful. I have never been disappointed; even in the rare case when a screening doesn’t work out (technical difficulties or couldn’t secure a print), they pull out something equally spectacular.

    However, I do not believe they count as long running (operating since last November).

  7. “So is there an American equivalent to AC/DC?”

    Yeah, but your need one of those wall converter thingies from Sharper Image.

  8. We used to scream out “VAN HALEN” (or better, “Van F@#KING Halen!”) during July 4th fireworks displays, for no particular reason except dada.

    And speaking of dada, nice to see Dennis Madalone making a cameo in that video.

  9. Yes! Hadrian is awesome. My nights with Cinefamily at The Silent Movie Theater have been bar none! The attitude there is wonderfully unpretentious and I’ve felt very included each visit. Go early and grab a spot on the couch! Sit next to a stranger! Cinefile video is also awesome(and long running). There was that odd short Banjo Gyro was on their site for a while(pretty good!).

  10. Xeni,

    Your videos are the awesomest. Everyone at SuperForest agrees.


    Team SuperForest

  11. What’s awesome it that Rock-N-Roll isn’t just American, it’s universal. It unites on all levels and across all cultures.
    That is the meaning behind this song. “for those about to rock” (In other words to express themselves in their own fashion. Or to make some kind of social rebellion). “We salute you”, saying that we welcome you as friends on the same journey as everyone else, and we are glad that you have chosen the right path.

  12. Hmmm… Says the video is no longer available. Anyone know why it was pulled or where else I could find it?

  13. Xeni

    I was all set to put you straight on ACDC….seems the folks here about beat me to it.

    Instead I shall say….loved your response.

    We quake in fear at the US first airborne Jingoistic Baby squadron.

    And there is a LAneway in Melbourne that was renamed after ACDC a few years back.

    Acdc Ln, Melbourne, VIC 3000, Australia

    Drop it into Street view and prepare to be underwhelmed.

  14. BAHHHHHH! Is this video gone forever? Will no one save me from the frustration of not seeing its awesomeness?

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