Acrylic ribcage necklace

Etsy seller UntamedMenagerie has a wide variety of intricately cut acrylic jewelry, but I'm best fond of this ribcage, entitled "Thoracic." Thoracic (Thanks, Alice!)


  1. Love it. Unfortunately sold out, but I just purchased two other great looking pendants. Thanks Alice & Cory.

  2. Excellent, especially seeing as visible collarbones are now all the rage in underweight models and actresses!

  3. i have a friend who used to make similiar ones to that a few years back, i always was quite upset that she never gave me one. meanie.

    that etsy shop is lovely!

  4. What a nice idea, ruined by the design failure of sticking a store bought silver pendant loop into the rib cage.

    If they’d gone the extra step of making the mountings more a cohesive part of the over all design it would be simply lovely.

    Still, A- is no bad score.

  5. you would think that with all the new implantable materials that aren’t immediately rejected by your immune system that this would be held on with rare earth magnets.

  6. @6 – Agreed, quite similar. Paraphernalia has some interesting products, but I wish they would post more true-to-life photos of their items in addition to the artsy/blurred/b&w shots.

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