Air Force suspends controversial "Cyber Command"


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  1. Takuan says:

    poor web, a bone between DHS dogs, pentagon dogs, alphabet agency dogs…. who do you suppose will finally own us?

  2. mdhatter says:

    This update brought to you by the White House Office of Disinformation.

  3. Takuan says:

    oh, you mean all of them?

  4. acx99 says:


    The 8000 man Cyber command is now fully operational.

  5. Geoff Sebesta says:

    Yeah, right.

  6. certron says:

    #12, w000t: I think they should be outfitted in TRON costumes, I mean camouflage.

    I guess if they have shut it down, there goes the one part of the military I would have considered joining (and be closest to qualified for).

    One interesting thing would be to use the networks to predict if a country was planning a military action in the near future, but in agreement with someone on the radio yesterday, I’d be more impressed if they noticed the uptick in activity before the shooting war broke out instead of after.

  7. dainel says:

    #15 certron, … One interesting thing would be to use the networks to predict if a country was planning a military action in the near future …

    Extremely bad idea. Don’t give them another excuse for preemptive strikes.

  8. claud9999 says:

    The sole-source contractor has been paid in full for building the facility and stocking it with overpriced equipment…Time to close it up and auction it off at a huge discount. Hey, maybe said contractor would be interested in bidding!

    And in the meantime, I think the AF has some Compaq luggables still able to power on. Maybe the soldiers can use that!

  9. Elysianartist says:

    #2 is spot on.

  10. PapaBear says:

    I like the way we get the hopes and confidence up with the recruitment video, then lay you flat with the news that we failed to implement.

    Kinda leaves me feeling nekkid….

  11. gATO says:

    And what, exactly, would the Cyber Command’s mission be, besides being an apparent repository of every bad, cheesy sci-fi cliché, down to the artwork?

  12. Not a Doktor says:

    don’t worry there’s the citizens’ militia of anonymous

  13. stiaand says:

    Sounds like the most stressful job ever. If you are working in IT, you know how it is with a loud-mouthed impatient customer who is also an idiot who doesn’t understand jack shit of what you’re telling him about his computer.

    Now imagine the same guy with a gun, ordering you to fix something ASAP (or “yesterday”, depending on what type of cliché the guy is), even though it’s a problem that can’t be fixed within that time limit.

    On the other hand, this must be the job of a lifetime for BOFH’s! :D

  14. ghstdoghaiku says:

    Whoops now it’s here; now it’s black ops…

  15. Ugly Canuck says:

    Gato: Monitoring dissent? Advancing discussions in the direction they want them to go? Covert “leadership”?

  16. angryhippo says:

    Skynet will not be denied.

  17. Jayel Aheram says:

    Halted? Like the “Total Information Awareness” agency?

  18. mdhatter says:

    There is no cybercommand like there is no cake.

  19. Seanbot says:

    First they capture the Tardis and now this!

  20. toxonix says:

    a pork barrel?

  21. skramble says:

    duuude, I wanted to be in the cyber commmand so bad. now what I have I got to aim for?

  22. TharkLord says:


    Hmmm… Like a puppet?

    5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Initiate Supermarionation!!!

    Cyber Command is GO!

  23. Adam Weiss says:

    This is probably just some dick’s ploy to get some power by reorganizing so he can replace perfectly functional UNIX systems with brand new buggy and unreliable Windows based systems.

    I think the headline should read: Air Force halts implementation of new unjustified super expensive IT reorganization.

    Dude, I don’t work the helpdesk. I’m a staff sergeant in the CYBER COMMAND. Get it straight.

  24. Havanacus says:

    I’m glad, there commercials really made me worry about the future…

  25. Anonymous says:

    Adam, your final line nearly killed me. Nose-coffee is not good for my keyboard, either.


  26. SeamusAndrewMurphy says:

    If accurate, wouldn’t these guys/gals be wearing T-shirts that are one size small, with huge pot bellies, no upper body muscle and a plate of nachos in front of them?

  27. w000t says:

    I always thought this commercial (or the practice reflected by it) was ridiculous because the computer techs are wearing camouflage–a woodland pattern, I believe. Camo – working at a computer, at the Pentagon, in the city. Hell, as someone who grew up on and around AFBs, I can tell you the USAF does wear camo, but not as often as it just wears fatigues.

    If they wanted them to blend in on the internet, the USAF should have issued them all memberships in the Threadless 12 month club or something.

  28. ridl says:

    There is no cybercommand like there is no spoon.

  29. regeya says:

    Good. Sounded like yet another department brought to you by the Department of Redundancy Department. I thought that part of the mission of setting up the DHS was to do away with some of that…I know that sounds silly and naive, but that was one of the stated goals…

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