Farting preacher back on YouTube


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  1. OM says:

    …It’s Tilton. A similar tape exists of Benny Hinn as well. IIRC, KDFW in Dallas was the source of the first set of tapes for each, and while all the farts are added, they’re also considered by most experts to be authentic just on general damn principle :-) :-)



    “…Praise Jesus!”

  2. takeshi says:

    OK, I can appreciate that this video is making the rounds again, but calling Robert Tilton “Farting Preacher” is like calling Hitler “The Easter Bunny.”

    At one time, Tilton was the worst of the worst, bilking more old ladies out of their money than anyone ever had—indeed, more than anyone has in the decades to follow. Most of the letters sent in were discarded without even being read; their donations removed, prayers unanswered.

    Tilton managed to piss off a lot of people with his “Jews in New York” comment on Inside Edition, I believe, and on the following Easter, he fumblingly apologized to his Jewish brethren, to no avail. It was the end of an era. Since those days, Robert Tilton wound up, for a time, on BET, in the middle of the night, seemingly humbled, still begging for cash.

    One can only hope that his subsequent disappearance from the airwaves is an indication that the world has become a bit smarter, but as anyone who was watching George Bush at the Olympics knows, it prolly just ain’t so.

  3. erissian says:

    #19 That what I thought he said until your post lead me to read it again.

  4. hubbledeej says:

    This was in youtomb’s inventory which probably explains a bit why it was removed from youtube: http://youtomb.mit.edu/browse/down%3Acopyright%3ARev.%20Robert%20Tilton

  5. arkizzle says:

    Most of the letters sent in were discarded without even being read; their donations removed, prayers unanswered.

    I’m not sure Tilton had anything to do with that last one :)

  6. Gary61 says:

    “Klaatu Barada ‘Nikpssshto.”

  7. strougly says:

    ding ding ding!

    godwin’s law strikes again…

  8. Xopher says:

    The first few added farts are funny, especially since they add them when he’s screwing up his face as if in concentration, or fighting off an attack of twitching.

    It gets old fast. But I kept watching longer than I otherwise would have because I was so flabbergasted that even the dumbest, most senile old widder woman could be taken in by a con man this obvious. I mean, he’s such a broad stereotype that he’d be considered over the top on South Park!

  9. Boba Fett Diop says:

    He’s got the spirit of the Lord in him, and it’s trying to get out!

  10. Anonymous says:

    #19 I read it the exact same way, and didn’t realize it was “miked” until you brought it up. Thank you. I can move on now, and stop thinking about being milked in 2 places.

  11. Ugly Canuck says:

    I’m with you cycle 23.

  12. Noddy93 says:

    for you “photoshop” people… this video was making the round in the late 1980s.

    my friends and I made the LSD influenced 100-mile Sunday morning drive north on I35 to Tilton’s “Word Of Faith” church a good dozen times from ’87-’90. Nothing was better than the KISS record burnings! save for maybe the ‘hummina hommina boogita bigita’ glossolalia nonsense.

    One friend lost his entire college fund to Tilton’s ministry (what was it… Suburbia[the punk classic not the GenX tripe] that had the same story?)

    Up until a few years ago, when my wallet was heisted, I carried a Tilton “Prayer Cloth” in my wallet. Although the wallet itself was routinely empty I was always “rich”.

  13. retchdog says:

    @42 Noddy93: Repo Man.

  14. InnerNinja says:

    Absolutely brilliant. This is more professionally done than the Iranian use of Photoshop to hype their missile capability. The farting preacher also stands to create more peace throughout the world… with laughter.

  15. arkizzle says:

    for you “photoshop” people… this video was making the round in the late 1980s.

    So was Photoshop :p

  16. Brother Provisional says:

    #40, no doubt, this does get old fast. The farts used were all of a consistent level of “dryness”. After about five of them, I was, like, you can’t tell me that I’m supposed to believe that each and every one of this guys bowel expulsions were of the dry and airy variety. No squeakers, hissers, fizzles, blats, wetties, poofs, creepers, bubblies, squisher, or mufflers? How am I supposed to suspend my disbelief and loose myself in the moment? I know that this was done back in the eighties, but come on. Foley artistry was alive and well back then. Low-brow teen movies were a dime a dozen, from what I recall, all of them had at least a few fart jokes.
    The bottom line is, if you’re not going to take your craft seriously, then why should I spend my time watching your bootlegged movies for free on the internets!

  17. fnc says:

    It gets +1 point for the “I pooted.” caption near the end.

  18. ployntabs says:

    farting is next to godliness.

  19. aldasin says:

    Tootin’ Tilton, still bilking little widow ladies out of their spare change.

  20. NeonCat says:

    Good Lord! I first saw this before a SubGenius Devival in Atlanta in 1992!

    It’s Robert Tilton, I believe.

  21. johnandrewwalsh says:

    Senator Robert Byrd has the same problem.

  22. buddy66 says:


    Yee-zus, BROTHER, you’re disgusting! :)

  23. seyo says:

    this is totally fake, I can tell by some of the decibels, and also because I have heard a lot of farts before.

  24. civilwarnascar says:


  25. coldspell says:

    fake. This is obviously Photoshopped.

  26. Foofer says:

    The best “Farting Preacher” vid, by far, is Farting Preacher V. You can’t beat lines like, “I smell heaven’s bakery cooking up something good for you sister!” It’s fcking hilarious.

  27. turbogeezer says:

    Thank you, Jesus! And thank you, BoingBoing! I needed a good laugh, and this left me in tears…
    “A Directory of Wonderful Things”, indeed.

  28. Brother Provisional says:

    Sorry, my post previous post was responding to #42, not #40. Also apologies to anyone grossed out by my lexicon. I was attempting a facetious lampoon of the act of over-criticizing something as simple as fart jokes.
    Also, Antinious, I wouldn’t put it past myself.

  29. OM says:

    “I still remember one story they profiled on the show, where a kid had cancer, so his mother sent a “thousand dollar vow” to Robert Tilton. The kid then prayed with his hand on top of the tv, and (praise JESUS!) the television set somehow miraculously became warm. he was, of course, healed. “

    …IIRC, SciAm and Randi debunked this one a while back. The TV set was an old, defective B&W model that “miraculously” had the picture tube go flakey during the “hands-on” moment. As a result, the kid got what to a normal person would have been a lethal dose of x-rays, but instead got just the right amount to kill his cancer. It rendered him sterile, and he glowed in the dark for some two weeks afterwards, but at least he lived to grow up.

  30. Dante says:

    Bravo. Truly a blast from the past. A version of this video was circulating Austin back in the late 80′s. A hurricane snatched my copy of it years ago. Good to see it surface again.

  31. mokey says:


  32. takeshi says:

    @ arkizzle:

    I was thinking that some of them prayed for Bob to at least read their letters. Heh. Fat chance.

    The best Tilton moment has to be when he’d just gotten a facelift, on all sorts of drugs. Chuckling, hallucinating, lighthearted and -headed, softly singing in tongues.

    “Ko bada sanda…”

  33. dubitable says:

    Is anyone actually trying to sell it as real? I thought it was a pretty deliberate attempt to graft farting noises onto footage of the ridiculous faces and gestures that Tilton makes, solely to make fun of the con artist/preacher, not to try and fool anyone into believing that he’d actually made those farts during his programming…

  34. Phikus says:

    A very nice… ah… chaser… (ahem.) Loved the links, and Youtube recommendation Success N Life. I can’t believe there are so many of these. Now all of you who have Netflix, go to instant access and watch Jesus Camp, if you have not already, for more evangelical bizarreness.

    LEX@8: You get points for that one. =D

  35. ESQ says:


  36. Takuan says:

    I liked it.

  37. Anonymous says:

    haha, a very old video that never gets old. fun times.

  38. Matt Staggs says:

    I interviewed Joe Bob Briggs (John Bloom) a year or two back. He told me that this was the work of his religious satire group “The Door.”

  39. arkizzle says:

    They have a flavour?

    ..only on curry night :)

  40. Blazorge says:

    Totally hilarious and yet also totally messed up. This guy is so shameless, so over the top full of shit, taking money from so many sad, desperate people who don’t know any better.

    Personally, I don’t believe in heaven or hell but I can certainly understand the attraction of such belief. If I knew that hell existed, I’d be comforted knowing that people like this would surely be there at the head of the line.
    Right there along with any number of people currently in power who wear love for Jesus on their sleeves while they murder, torture, steal, lie and destroy.

    Yeah, that would be nice….
    Well, theres always karma.

  41. GrymRpr says:

    I was one of the ones who the good “rev” got in his sweep
    Aaaaa Well…

  42. holtt says:

    Thank you Jesus!

  43. Bookyloo says:

    Oh man. Brother Bob! I used to watch him all the time when I was a teenager. Even at 13 and 14, I could NOT BELIEVE that anyone would ever fall for this shit. I still remember one story they profiled on the show, where a kid had cancer, so his mother sent a “thousand dollar vow” to Robert Tilton. The kid then prayed with his hand on top of the tv, and (praise JESUS!) the television set somehow miraculously became warm. he was, of course, healed.

    For some GREAT film of a very talented fake preacher (and one who happily acknowledged his whole act was bullshit), see the great seventies-tastic documentary film Marjoe. Marjoe Gortner looked almost exactly like Matthew McConaughey.

  44. pAULbOWEN says:

    Weapon grade funny.

  45. sorted says:

    you all that see this getting old quick (after a few passes of holy ghost) are really quite JADED…
    watch it once again or twice again and you’ll see, yesss you’lll ssseeeeee that it’s soooooooooooooooooooooooo ovvvvvveeeeerrrrr theeee frrrippppppppppppppp’nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn top that I put it on myspace page:


    you’llll sssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. sorted says:

    oi, you castrated me Admin no fair… ;)

  47. Chinese Jet Pilot says:

    If it’s real, his sound guy must have miked him in two places

  48. Adam Weiss says:

    So I was curious about this Robert Tilton guy and went looking for original material on Youtube. I didn’t quite find it yet, but I found something much, much better.

    Put “robert tilton success n life” into the Youtube search box. Watch them all. You’ll be falling on the floor…

  49. cycle23 says:

    #11, there’s a running gag on the internet you may have not heard about… If you see something that has been altered photographically, say, any picture released from Iran, you can say:

    “This looks shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels.”

    Now, don’t you feel educated?

    As for the man in the video, oh yeah, anyone from Texas has fond memories of this guy. I drove past the church quite a bit in my Denton days.

    Several bands in Denton in the 90s enjoyed using his squinty eyed images in their posters, like the hard core crowd treated Reagan.

  50. Chas44 says:

    This may be the single best thing ever posted on YouTube.

  51. cycle23 says:

    #15. I keep reading your comment as “milked him in two places”. Please stop making me do that.

  52. Chas44 says:

    #11, ‘m gssng n n hs vr dscrbd y s “xcssvly smrt.”

  53. ESQ says:

    The movie “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammo” comes to mind…

  54. OsoMan says:

    I cried…

  55. Anonymous says:

    Not the most dignified way to mock a televangelist, but fart jokes are always funny. I’m sure even those old men in top hats laugh inside while their monocles drop.

  56. Foolster41 says:

    Meh. Seen it. Not really funny to me, even if the guy was a rotten con man.

  57. eclectro says:

    I have nothing against roasting bad ol’ Bob Tilton. But when the day is done, this is nothing more than junky bathroom humor. Isn’t boing boing any better than this dross??

  58. adamrice says:

    This was originally circulated in VHS form under the title “Make A Joyful Noise.” I’d be surprised if it wasn’t sold at Fringeware at some point.

  59. Phikus says:

    ELECTRO@65: I think you have your answer…

    I think this grand asshole is funny enough w/o the farting, but who am I to ruin anybody’s fun. Fart on!

  60. Fernando Rizo says:

    I finally registered an account for the soul purpose of relating the fact that “phartoshopped” made me laugh out loud for a solid minute.

  61. Gilbert Wham says:

    @#23: Does one need a dignified way to mock a televangelist preacher?

  62. Anonymous says:

    “Phartoshopped” is better than I can come up with, but somehow lacking. Photosharted?

  63. Antinous says:

    You only have to change one letter to get ‘pootoshopped’, but maybe that’s only US slang.

  64. Mark Frauenfelder says:

    Eclectro@65: “…this is nothing more than junky bathroom humor. Isn’t boing boing any better than this dross??”

    I couldn’t find any high-quality bathroom humor yesterday, but I needed my fix so I took what I could get.

  65. antonperez says:

    It’s hilarious…I wonder what the senior citizens are thinking/saying when they watch him.

  66. trr says:

    they don’t sound very realistic IMO.

  67. Jason McIntosh says:

    Further reading: Fart Within the Matrix.

  68. franko says:

    i can almost SMELL the glory!

  69. frankieboy says:

    The fake farts aside, I love this guy. He’s so shamelessly full of shit one has to stand in awe. I would occasionally run across his program, and just could not pull myself away. He gets himself worked up, and then does this “speaking in tongues” routine; he’ll interupt himself by suddenly looking up and straight into the camera, and say “I see someone who is afflicted with arthritis”, or whatever. He will then instruct the ailing viewer to place the hurting limb on the TV set, so he can better direct his prayer for a speedy recovery. All the while he’s keeping up a steady pitch to call him, and send a ‘prayer offering’. Call the number and get them to send you a packet, it’s truly marvelous in it’s manipulativeness. Warped as hell, but at the same time brilliant. Another great one was on the AM radio, Reverend Ike. He once sent me a shower cap, that had a hand print printed on it. You are meant to don it, and get the same kind of blessing as if the Reverend himself had just clapped his big ol’ hand onto your skull. Balls, that’s all I can say, big ones. I’ll bet they all make a fortune of tax free moolah, too. Workin’ it baby, workin’ it. Hallelujah!!!

  70. avantard says:

    Dudes there have been 5 different compilations of farting Tilton on Ebaum for years. I’m surprised so many commenters are either a) believing this is real or b) crying fake. Of course it’s fake! What televangelist would ever air themselves farting all over their sermons?! Dear lord, people, get with the program.

  71. DaPhinoXX says:

    Man, this is the best thing ever.

  72. Sparrowhawk says:

    So wait… Robert Tilton is really a Slitheen*?

    (* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slitheen )

  73. Tony Moore says:

    i like to think that when God looks down and sees this video, it makes him smile. Clearly, He has a great sense of humor, dark as it often is.


  74. Contrasoma says:

    I went looking for this a while back to no avail. There were many pretenders to the throne, but it’s great to see the original again.

  75. theshow says:

    The best by far from the series is “Farting Preacher 2: Fart Harder”.

  76. arkizzle says:

    Dear lord, people, get with the program.

    Avantard, sage advice. Try it.

  77. ill lich says:

    Call me childish, but I never tire of this video.

  78. Takuan says:

    I suppose he’ll tell us pro wrestling is fake too. Infidel.

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