Man jumps on eggs without breaking them

There are many things to like in this 1974 BBC news segment about a gentleman jumping on eggs. (via Arbroath)


  1. Wow. They were willing to put just about anything on the air, weren’t they? Of course, it’s not so much that he’s jumping on the eggs– that would suggest that his feet come to rest upon the eggs. Rather, he’s jumping OVER the eggs and tapping them with his feet mid-flight, which totally doesn’t count IMO…

  2. This reminds me of the John Cleese quip to Kevin Klein in A Fish Called Wanda. ‘Are you totally de-ranged?’

  3. @Franko: I agree about daytime TV, but this was early evening broadcasting from the BBC — a show called Nationwide. I remember watching this particular segment with a keen sense of embarrassment as the guy repeatedly failed to quite make contact with the egg.

  4. Oh Gawd bless em all…I love my countrymen. You can feel safe in the knowledge that that chap REALLY did know when an egg had been stamped on. A trained pro’. Winner. Probably ex SAS. He could be my Dad…the shorts look right.

  5. Oh, gods, I remember this from the original broadcast. Possibly the most embarrassing moment on British TV ever.

    For the record, this was an early evening programme, Nationwide, a regional news magazine programme on after the 5:45 News, IIRC. This particular segment was a bit of silliness the production staff snuck in at the end of the show as a prank on the presenter (Sue Lawley, I seem to remember).

    Hmm, I think BBC’s News 24 channel could do with a bit of silliness like this.

  6. The BBC used to have a segment at the end of the news where they would show something funny. Such as this egg jumping showcase. I don’t know what year though the BBC eventually scrapped this segment. I don’t think this man would of made it onto the TV if he wasn’t so funny to watch

  7. Ye gods, I remember this from when it was first broadcast; I was about 12 at the time and recall thinking “WTF?” then.

    Nationwide wasn’t daytime TV, it was an early evening “magazine” news and current affairs show which came on after the national news. An odd mix of serious investigation, sports and inane items such as this. Animals doing silly things were always popular. They should have called it YouKTube.

  8. @12 You’re showing your age. …did tv used to be black and white…s’pose you were still saving money after the war.

  9. I remember it from when it was first broadcast – mostly because me and my brother spent a few days trying to replicate it, as we did the Kung Fu ‘walking on rice paper’ thing. Quite skillful when you think about it.

  10. OK, sure, Linds beat me to it, but all I could think of was Tiddles the flying cat:

    Compère: That is Tiddles, I believe?
    Man: Yes, this is, this is Tiddles.
    Compère: Yes, and what does she do?
    Man: She flies across the studio and lands in a bucket of water.
    Compère: By herself?
    Man: No, I fling her.

  11. @Nelson C – One teensy correction. Nationwide wasn’t a regional news programme – it came on after the regional news (hence the name). And they did in fact specialise in a mixture of investigative reporting and this sort of daftness: it was Nationwide that first brought us the skateboarding duck, after all.

  12. Oh gawd. I just remembered the bastard spawn of “Nationwide”, which was “That’s Life” — a show hosted by Esther Rantzen, featuring dogs saying “sausages” (you had to be there), oddly-shaped vegetables, strange “odes” (by someone called Pam), songs by Richard Stilgoe, and other miscellaneous crap. To be fair to the show it also included some serious consumer-affairs reporting. I’m assuming the shows were connected since Rantzen worked on both.

  13. JC @11: Obviously a traumatic TV event for both of us. Or we absorbed the same subliminal messages….

  14. Nelson: I’m guessing trauma, of which That’s Life was also a part as Bodhipaksa notes. The odes in question there were courtesy of the terminally smug Cyril Fletcher, not “Pam”. Unless Pam Ayers also appeared on That’s Life which wouldn’t surprise me.

  15. Ahem, northern kid here as well…we used to watch both. Yes, Granada Reports was far cooler; in place of egg-jumpers they had Joy Division in 1978, the band’s first TV appearance.


    you have been warned.

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