Robot with a biological brain


John Shirley says: "Robot with a biological brain (wrote about this in my Eclipse novels, never thought it'd happen in my lifetime)."

The robot’s biological brain is made up of cultured neurons which are placed onto a multi electrode array (MEA). The MEA is a dish with approximately 60 electrodes which pick up the electrical signals generated by the cells. This is then used to drive the movement of the robot. Every time the robot nears an object, signals are directed to stimulate the brain by means of the electrodes. In response, the brain’s output is used to drive the wheels of the robot, left and right, so that it moves around in an attempt to avoid hitting objects. The robot has no additional control from a human or a computer, its sole means of control is from its own brain.
A robot with a biological brain
UPDATE: Tom Simonite, online technology editor at says: "I noticed you linked to the ZDnet coverage of robot with a rat's brain at Reading University. We've put together a video of it using its brain power to avoid obstacles."