Tokyo street-sign as accidental Little Brother cover

Matt Smith snapped this amazing street-sign in Tokyo, noting that "it's kind of a cool accidental cover" for my young adult novel Little Brother. High-rez JPEG


  1. As an accidental cover, it’s pretty cool. Doesn’t stack up so well against the deliberate ones, tho!

  2. s vry pctr f cctv cmr nw gng t b n “ndvrtnt lttl brthr plg”? rlly, sn’t t bt tm tht y ly ff sng bngbng s yr wn prsnl d srvc nd s yr wn wbst fr ths knd f slf-prmtn?

    ‘m sr thr r plnty f ppl wh wld lv t hr bt vry tny spct f th whl cry dctrw xprnc, nd fr ths ppl, thy cn g t th pprprt wb-st, bt ts gttng lttl cmbrsm t rd bt t vry thr pst hr n bngbng.

    knw crtssm sn’t tkn wll hr, bt f w cld ly ff th cry prmtn lttl bt, thnk vryn wld b pprctv.


  3. I don’t have a problem reading about Cory and Cory’s writing and whatever all else crosses Cory’s mind on bOINGbOING. That’s largely what it is for, Cory being one of its principal bloggers.

    What I do find tedious and cumbersome and peevish and just generally unattractive is reading comments by people who have the cheek to try to rap his knuckles about it.

    You’re adding nothing folks. If you feel jealous, go work on your own blog.

  4. Stroughly, ALTf4dead, et al.

    you incorrectly assume this is NOT Cory’s personal blog.

    it is.

    He can self-promote here. You can man up.

    and Stroughly, I hope they manually disemvowel you, you crank. (and I call you that ONLY because of the efforts you went through to be a weasel)

  5. Strougly @6: What is that, some kind of half-assed anti-disemvowelling measure? Ain’t going to work, and what’s worse, it makes it clear that you know that was an offensive remark and is going to get moderated. Knowing that, why didn’t you just not say it in the first place, or post it somewhere that it isn’t going to get moderated?

  6. i was just being cute…theres always unpublishing, which i strongly suspect is going to happen to the above post once someone higher up takes notice.

    fair enough. fnd t prsnlly cmbrsm t s vry thr pst b prmtn fr whtvr cry’s crrnt prjct s nd thght thrs flt th sm. guess i was wrong.

    i’ll shut up about it now…

  7. That Strougly’s nothing but a low-down, double-dealing, backstabbing, larcenous perverted worm!

    Hanging’s too good for him.

    Burning’s too good for him!

    He should be torn into little bitsy pieces and buried alive!

  8. Stroughly, if you don’t want to read about Cory or his work, when you see a headline that doesn’t interest you, just move on. This place is a product that’s being presented free of charge. If you don’t like it, go to something else. Besides, if you were a writer and your fans were sending you stuff that reminds them of your cover art, what’s wrong with sharing it?

  9. t’s nt th psts fnd s rrttng, t’s th lng-wndd wy h rfrs t th bk.

    Y cn sy “my bk Lttl Brthr”, Cry. Y dn’t nd t sy “My nw yng dlt nvl Lttl Brthr.”

  10. Hey, Fantasy – he isn’t just writing to you. He chooses to clarify so that new Boingers will understand.


  11. Thr shld b nw bb st whr Cry, Xn, Mrk t l cn kp pmpng t thr wrs nstd f t bng pstd 2-3 r mr tms dy n th frnt pg…

  12. Chris, for some of us, it’s all news about people we like, besides the ‘wonderful’ on BB.

    I like to hear about what Cory and Xeni etc are at. Who they are working with, where in the world they are this week. Who has reworked their material, who might have a chance to go see Cory speak because he happens to be in their town next week.

    BB is not just a list of found items on the interwebs. It’s a personal blog we can use to keep up with the people who run it, people we appreciate and enojoy.

  13. PPNT – dn’t thnk th ss s jlsy. thnk t’s tht BngBng’s rdrshp hv cm t trst t s src f wndrfl nfrmtn.

  14. So, Pip, you think that Cory should moderate himself to your liking because you read BB?

    Damn, that’s eff’d up…

  15. t fnd Cry’s cnstnt slf prmtn trsm. Bt wh m t sy wht BBrs shld r shldn’t pst? Nbdy, rlly.

    Bt fr wht t’s wrth, th rcrrng PR psts r n f th rsns vst BB fr lss thn sd t.

  16. Antinous – my bad.


    To paraphrase a Bugs Bunny cartoon:
    “Hurry up and quit quitting complaining.”

  17. Jflex, dude, the place comes with ads. Get over it. Move to the next story of interest. Unless you want to do like I’m doing right now: preaching. “Thought shall not diss the BoingBoing.” Don’t resist little guy, it only hurts more when you fight it. Your rebirth in the collective will be liberating…I love BoingBoing. We all Love BoingBoing…

  18. Nn-stp, y-rll-ndcng slf-prmtn sd, t s prtty hlrs t hv wrttn bk lk Lttl Brthr nd thn cnsr cmmnts n yr blg frm ppl wh sy thngs y dn’t lk.

    h, ‘m srry. Wht mnt t sy ws:

    Nn-stp, y-rll-ncng slf-prmtn sd, t s prtty hlrs t hv wrttn bk lk LTTL BRTHR, TH NW YNG-DLT NVL BY CRY DCTRW VLBL NW, nd thn cnsr cmmnts n yr blg frm ppl wh sy thngs y dn’t lk.

  19. Asswipe Johnson @31: I think it’s pretty hilarious that someone who calls himself “Asswipe Johnson” expects to have his commentary taken seriously.

    Look, Little Brother is a book about how to empower yourself in the face of tyranny. If you think BoingBoing’s moderation style is tyrannical, go empower yourself by starting your own blog.

    The Internet isn’t the world of Orwell’s 1984, with all the Earth divided into three totalitarian surveillance states and a handful of leftover third-world slave nations. It’s a big, mostly-free Net out there. If you don’t like it here, go out and play somewhere else.

  20. That got me disemvoweled?! It was a thoughtful response! I wasn’t even taking sides in the matter! I simply said that I disagreed with Pipette’s analysis and I explained how I came to that opinion.

    Little trigger happy there, eh?

  21. rd BB vrydy, nd hv t sy ‘m gttng bt trd f Cry prmtng hs bk. t sms nt dy gs by wtht sm rfrnc. hv n prblm wth prmtns n gnrl, nd pprct tht ths s Cry’s blg nd h s nttld t prmt hs wrk, bt thnk t’s tm t mv n.
    t’s lk sm TV ds – s n fw tms nd th mssg snks n, bt whn t’s rptd svrl tm dy y ctlly mk pnt nt t by th prdct.

  22. That got me disemvoweled?!

    No, the other half of your comment which I accidentally deleted got you disemvowelled.

  23. ANTINOUS –

    No, the other half of your comment which I accidentally deleted got you disemvowelled.

    The part where I said that it would appear that people’s complaints come from a perception of excessiveness? You really find that offensive?

    1. JFlex,

      Since I don’t have a record of your full comment, I can only make a stab at an answer. And the answer is yes. It’s Cory’s blog. He can do whatever he likes. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Ur skroll bar – let me sho u it.

  24. Dear Jflex

    Will you entertain the notion that moderating is work? That the people who do it take it seriously and strive to be the responsible best? That perhaps some days it is not dissimilar to being under fire when the troll posts, the obscene, the vicious and the terminally stupid threaten to overflow the walls and wash away the worthy and all?
    That this happens behind the scenes?

    I have a request for everyone: Never compromise your honour and integrity. If truly wronged, die fighting before surrender. But if there is any chance you might be wrong or mistaken, or that the person doing the work of moderating might be tired, wounded or simply made a slip in one of thousands of decisions, then cut them, yourself and everyone else a break and LET IT GO.

  25. Takuan-

    Sure, yeah, whatever. I’m not exactly calling for a boycott or threatening to kill myself over this. It’s just part of the dialogue. Why do you find questioning moderation to be such an affront?

  26. because there is so much of it to no good end. Dialogue to you, who knows what to the recipient? And it’s not just you, I was addressing the general.

  27. Hw dd gt dsmvwld?

    ll sd ws tht Cry’s LB psts wr n f th rsns vst th st lss thn sd t. ddn’t vn tk sds…

    f knw ws gng t gt d-vwld wld hv shwn mch lss rstrnt.

    Y, trggr fngr s rght.

  28. ntns –

    Y’r cnsstntly rspndng wth bth rrlvnt nd ggrssv psts. Nthr f ths r prtclrly pplng trts n ny lw nfrcmnt ffcl. Hr’s BB pst t llstrt tht pnt:



    1. W ll knw t’s (prtlly) Cry’s blg. nvr sd thrws.

    2. W knw h cn d “whtvr h lks,” n th sns tht w’r pwrlss t stp hm. Wht’s clr s y hv lttl rspct fr dssntng pnns.

    3. Yr scrll br qp ctlly llstrts th rsn BB’s n-dssnt mdrtn styl s s frstrtng. Whn Cry hrs bt cps hrssng phtgrphrs r th R sng grndmthr, h frms n pnn nd psts n rtcl. Nbdy tlls Cry t jst kp scrllng, r wlkng, r clckng, ntl h fnds n rtcl wth whch h grs.

    nd yt, whn smn xhbts th sm xct bhvr wthn BB’s cmmnts sctn, tht prsn s snctnd.

    My rgmnt ds <>nt fcs n ny frm f lgl thry: knw BB s Cry’s wrld nd h cn d s h plss wthn t. My rgmnt rls n crtn “d nt thrs” ssmptn: Cry s ths st’s mst frqst CVLB pstr. t crtnly smlls hypcrtcl t s Cry pst ndlssly bt cnsrshp, frdm f spch, nd ndvdl rghts whl cmmnts tht cntst hs psts r dtd, dstrtd, nd dltd.

  29. JFlex,

    Do what ever you want on your own blog. If you have a problem with the Moderation, take it to the Moderation thread.

  30. Cory’s not-fans are some truly frustrated people.

    Good luck y’all, I only hope you liked the sticker on the sign as much as I did.

  31. We got really, really tired of hearing complaints about Little Brother entries when Cory was doing his book tour. He’d post about where and when he’d be making his next appearance, and twits who’d never bothered to read any of the LB comment threads would post about how tired they were of having to read about Little Brother.

    They couldn’t scroll past the entry? They thought the people who wanted to go to Cory’s next signing could do without time-and-place info? It was a mystery.

    Anyway, we got really, really tired of having to type the same explanations over and over again. That’s why Antinous has blanket permission to do whatever he wants to readers who complain about Little Brother entries.

    Useful tip: if you’re temporarily banned for misbehaving in a Little Brother thread, the best way to get it lifted is to take an accurate count of how many entries Cory posted in Boing Boing over the last 90 days (including the day you got banned, Pacific Time), how many of those entries mentioned Little Brother, and what percentage of the whole that represents.

    JFlex, rude is rude, no matter how long it took you to think up your comment.

    Antinous, do remember that unpublishing produces the same effect without destroying the evidence. It’s occasionally useful to still have the bloody shirt on hand in case you need to wave it.

    Strougly, note the fate of your accented vowels. Please don’t imagine you’re the first person who’s thought of that.

  32. A little malicious streak in me would almost like to see a whole day of nothing but LB posts, just to annoy the complainers. ;p Yeah, I know, I’m so mature.

  33. God, that’d be wicked.

    I think the video ends with the amok reader taking a sledgehammer to the heavily reinforced front door of Boing Boing LLC’s glass-and-steel headquarters, breaking in, evading all the security guards, and winding up on his knees in the Boingers’ inner sanctum, screaming “I can’t take it any more!”

    The Boingers turn around from their keyboards, phones, videocams, etc. Every one of them is wearing the Little Brother CCTV headcam. (Poesy, held by Cory, is wearing an adorably tiny CCTV headcam with ducks and bunnies on it.)

    What is your problem?” Xeni says impatiently.

    Reader lets out prolonged scream of despair. Screams suddenly doppler away as Mark finds the remote control for the trap door.

    Fade slowly to black.


    Joel: Cool! The remote worked!


    :D I like the cover. I like the novel. && This post has reminded me, I’ll be in school once again, able to request Little Brother’s addition to my library, or perhaps buy it myself and give it to them!

    So thanks, Cory, for being a, what is it now? Self- obsessed ponce, guilty of the heinous crime of promoting yourself on your personal blog? God. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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