LAN party massacre

Here's the movie poster for what is being described as "a horror movie for geeks," LAN Party Massacre , coming in 2009. Trailer is here. It looks pretty campy and low-rent, and I look forward to checking it out. (thanks, Andrew Tonkin)


  1. Oh wow, that looks really awful! I hope that they really are not making a full length movie and the teaser is as far as it goes.

  2. What force is needed to remove an arm at the elbow and could the “fishhook person” with those small arms do such a thing??

  3. Meh. Real blood and gore at a lan party is so 2006. Serious gamers have moved on; now the lan party is where you get your black market cyber surgery done. And even that’s getting old.

  4. Watching low rent movies for how terrible it is IS THE POINT. Anyone who watched Evil Dead or even its predecessor Within The Woods, understood it was pretty bad, and yet we herald it as a CLASSIC! Sometimes stupid and campy horror is EXACTLY what the Zombie Doctors Orders You To Do!

    Recently saw a great low rent horror that reads pretty BAD actually (they made it for $7K) but they made it really work, its got Zombies, its Got Snuff Films, Its got Drugs, its got Girls in Gothy Fetish Riotgear (well… Girl, the protagonist who is the Snuff Film Star she does the Snuffing, not being the snuffed; and the Drugs cause life is cheap and the drugs are cheaper; and kills zombies on the side.) Its Johnny Sunshine – Maximum Violence. Horror/Splatterpunk afficionado worthy.

  5. If awful is a misspelling of awesome then I agree. This looks a million times more fun than any of the other independent films that get buzz.

  6. I have that mouse! Logitech cordless Click! It’s a nice mouse and the extra buttons work really well for Exposé functions in OS X.

    I say this because it’s not really appropriate for gaming, and this LAN party massacre is clearly due to some PKs on a faster connection with laser mice slaughtering these n00bs and their optical mice.


  7. The sheer number of nerdy knudge-knudge/wink winks in this trailer have got me smiling from ear to ear and excited enough to actually comment on BB for the first time in my 6+ years of viewing. Can’t WAIT to watch this!

    This is why I love Boing Boing.

  8. While I do enjoy flicks like this for their awfulness, they always bug me with the absurd death methods. I know they’re low budget, but good lords, wtf is with the fish hooks?! Such a horribly bad idea. It’s like those art piece knives that look like they were ment to hurt the wielder as much as the target.

  9. What are you talking about?? That has got to be the coolest power glove I have ever seen! Why didn’t mine come with fish hook attachments?

    Love the G4 ad spoof…I have high hopes for this one!!

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