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    Scary Bear used to be one of my faves, but as you can see his last post was on Feb 27th. Does anyone know what happened?

  2. Falcon_Seven says:

    Sunday Comics Zen? Zeni, it’s Monday. It’s okay though; last Thursday, I thought I had lost an entire week. Imagine my relief when I was finally told what day it really was. Whew!

  3. Xeni Jardin says:

    Thank you for your astute observations, Falcon_Seven. Whenever we find this elusive “Zeni,” we will pass on this important message.

  4. historyman68 says:

    A moment of silence for Diesel Sweeties’ last print strip (the one in the preview box). Though RStevens assured us he did it for a good reason, the newspaper comics page will be poorer for it. Unless it lives on in Syndication and we get Classic Diesel Sweeties?

  5. Anonymous says:

    This webcomic is directly copying a Curb Your Enthusiasm scene, almost word for word. It’s the episode where Larry David and his wife renew their wedding vows, and when Larry David is asked to recite his new vows, he famously says that their marriage is “pretttyyy….pretty good”.

    Anyway, Larry and his wife have the exact conversation as above.

    Not to be a downer! Just have to give due respect.

  6. Falcon_Seven says:

    Oops! Sorry Xeni.

  7. rstevens says:

    “This webcomic is directly copying a Curb Your Enthusiasm scene, almost word for word. ”

    Weird. Guess I’m psychic!

  8. toxonix says:

    Why the hell do people on Worth1000 want you to view their crap full size? Seriously, every other image has a ‘please view the original it has way brighter colors and saturation etc..’. Who flipping gives a flying fig?

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