Pro-Obama D&D tee

Now that the McCain campaign has declared war on Dungeons and Dragons, Dennis has struck back with this tee.

It may be typical of the pro-Obama Dungeons & Dragons crowd to disparage a fellow countryman's memory of war from the comfort of mom's basement, but most Americans have the humility and gratitude to respect and learn from the memories of men who suffered on behalf of others.
Pro-Obama Dungeons and Dragons Crowd (Thanks, Dennis!)

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  1. Thank jebus, I need to replace my worn out “don’t tase me, bro” shirt.

    When is the meme-fashion world gonna realize that they have to make these shirts outlast the meme’s themselves?

  2. I really hope Obama makes this part of his platform…Do you guys think Obama is a big D&D fan?

  3. I would totally vote for Obama if he admitted to playing D&D, but only if he actually does.

    I don’t need to be pandered to, and I’ve put lots of ranks in Sense Motive.

  4. Just yesterday, I wrote this silly little text adventure about John McCain and the Cone of Silence as an attempt at interactive political satire. I wonder if this means I’m now obligated to buy that shirt.

  5. Makes sense. Obama will outlaw guns, so then the criminals will have to carry around maces, halberds, swords, and staves.

    “Give me your money and nobody gets hurt.”

    “Ha! I have a +3 sword and I know how to use it.”

  6. who is this guy to charge $24 for this? if there were something more besides poorly-designed colored text, maybe it would be legitimate. or maybe if all proceeds go to the obama campaign. otherwise, please don’t reward this guy for being the quickest opportunist.

  7. harrkev, b.o. is takin away our guns? all the times i heard him speak, i never heard him say that. however…i used to get paid to carry around swords, staves, halberds and maces, so that could possibly be lucrative for yours truly…

  8. If I remember correctly, Stephen Colbert is a D&D fan. I wouldn’t doubt he’ll have something to say about this.

  9. #8 Sonofkevitivity: Take this with a grain of salt, but scuttlebutt has it that Obama is a big ol’ comic book nerd, and that he frequently goes to events like Comic Con (not this year, for obvious security reasons—although the sight of Obama rollin’ down the exhibit floor with a Jedi honor guard in tow would have been worth the price of admission, imo).

    If this truly is the case, then I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s fiddled with a d20 or two in his life.

  10. I want the back to say “Clinging to guns and religion, AND I VOTE” . You know.. for um.. equal time purposes.

    Nobama McSame 08 !

  11. @LGAGNON i just posted a thread over on the Colboards, letting the community there know about this heinous transgression.

    I set up a poll as well, to ask folks what polyhedral die Colbert should throw to decide McCain’s fate.

    @GADFLY if my wrist wasn’t broken, i’d whip up a quick shirt with a d20 on it, and set it up with all proceeds going to the obama campaign.

  12. As much as I like relatively like Obama and will welcome him into the White House upon W’s departure, I must sympathize a tad with this comment. Surely he was not attacking D & D, although I don’t care if he did, but rather imprecisely refering to the massive internet permutations and stockards bolstering Obama’s campaign in the pop culture, mass media and more grass roots web venues. Again, I like Obama, but something I find most disturbing is the emergence of the historio-cultural phenomenon The Mob surfacing in support of him. It’s becoming abundantly clear that the internet is highlighting, exacerbating, refining and giving more power to the age old glut that is the ignorant masses of society. I’d take a John McCain that can’t check his email to a pimply faced, ignorant gamer who doesn’t talk to people, appreciate society or have any desire or concept of virtue, however one chooses to define it.

  13. Man, McCain is really tempting those blue bolts from heaven! But what else should we expect from a guy with an INT of 8?

  14. Arzak – McCain’s campaign blogger does a surprisingly good job of apologizing:

    Agreed, smart comeback, and a great tone but do you think that blogger will be in the cabinet? or the press office?

    How about the campaign manager that the blogger is covering for, what job will he have in a McCain admin?

    do not want.

  15. The design is insultingly boring, and the copy is not clever at all. People will have forgotten this little D&D blurb by tomorrow, anyway. Or at least I’ll have forgotten it.

  16. @anthropomorphictoast that is sick. nice job! i want one, but i have to wait till payday cuz i’m broke (my industrial average is down this week -230.68 points) :-(

  17. A character’s hit point total increases permanently with additional experience and/or permanent increases in Constitution. SOMEONE NEEDS HITS!

  18. #11, That was extremely silly. I just found out about Inform 7 and how awesome it is for developing interactive fiction recently. If only all IDEs could be that cool.

  19. American “politics” is hilarious. And folks, the people at DailyKos started this one, a stereotypically stupid reaction by the McCain camp to a mindbogglingly stupid, irrelevant and insulting string of accusations from DailyKos.

    Good work everyone on keeping everyone distracted.

  20. Wow, talk about trying to make a quick buck on some idiot’s comments.

    If you value your own will to make decisions I wouldn’t purchase this.

  21. #19, he could have gone as Mace Windu, and he could have had Episode 2 style storm troopers And Jedi Knights guarding him. Movie and comic book geeks across the US would have fallen at his feet in worship and carried him to the White House on their shoulders.

  22. It’s a great idea, but the execution, from a creative standpoint was lacking. Created a design and uploaded it to Cafe Press. “Obama is my saving throw.” with a 20-sided die. Did raise the price of the shirts and items at all either, so hopefully people will get a few of them.

  23. Harrkev @12, MinTphresh @16, I have yet to hear a single reliable source say that Obama has any plans to ban firearms. Harrkev, where are you getting this crap?

    Certhas @41, you are at minimum dead wrong. The piece on Daily Kos which McCain’s campaign was reacting to was neither stupid nor irrelevant nor insulting. It was, however, damaging to McCain.

    Are you getting McCain Action Points for this?

  24. t. i never said that! i tried to politely tell harrkev that he was filled with poopy, whilst making the most homoristic of sly remarks. i was however right that obama would choose another cfr mofo. i need to find out if biden is skull n bones too…

  25. MinTphresh, I noticed. That’s why I addressed the general remark to both of you, but the question to Harrkev.

    Don’t worry about the CFR. Honest. They were founded by some guys who came home from WWI feeling like we got taken to the cleaners by the professional European diplomats. Its purpose is to educate the country’s movers and shakers in foreign policy. Sure, Zbigniew Brzezinski and David Rockefeller are members, but so are lots of journalists, investment and financial services guys, academics, lesser national-level politicians, people who work for philanthropic institutions, et cetera. It’s policy-wonk city.

    Being a member doesn’t mean they all take part in secret power-mad deliberations there. It means they attend luncheons where someone knowledgeable speaks on some topic like Recent Economic Developments in Quebec and Ontario, or does a large-scale overview on the current degree of recovery achieved in areas hit by the big tsunami, or speculates on near-future political developments in Argentina.

    Its meetings aren’t secret in the normal sense of the word. For instance, if you’re a journalist, you can use what you hear there as deep background, but you’re not supposed to quote it in any direct or excessively recognizable and attributable way. The point of that rule is to make it possible for speakers to say what they mean without finding it on the front page of the Washington Post next morning. This avoids a lot of waffling and euphemisms, which is a good thing when you’re giving educational lectures.

    So don’t worry. Obama being a member of the CFR just means he’s been getting an earful on foreign policy; and, perhaps more usefully, finding out what the country’s movers and shakers are hearing about foreign policy.

    One more thing. Here’s a photo of the CFR building in New York City. See the row of nifty octagonal windows on the top floor? The second one from the left on the Park Avenue side was my office window when I worked there.

    I’m not a member of the Illuminati.

  26. i don’t think biden would go for this shirt at all. obama, maybe, but not joe schmo. obama is open-minded and i’m pretty sure that obama would go for this… he even did a bollywood video a while back (see at Clashorama… now that’s cross cultural open-mindedness for you.

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