Space art from the 1950s

Plan59's 1950s space-art gallery has some real gems! Space Art (via Neatorama)


  1. One of the space ships shown — the Mars Snooper — was turned into an Estes model rocket.

  2. young spaceboy laughs to himself as he floats through the biskit nebula. his sis, who has foolishly removed her spacehelmet, gasps as her lungs implode.

  3. Sure, those kids are smiling now, but wait until the “biscuits” suck onto their face and implant them with an alien embryo :(

  4. Why does the head bubble have ‘ear’ cups?

    Another meaning to space cakes? Or artist impression? :P

  5. Wow, it’s weird to see this again. This image played a pivotal role in a game of Poodle I’m still playing! Small internet, I guess.

  6. Awesome how we can pay them money for higher-res versions of these images they copied from old magazines.

  7. Thanks ETI. People talked to me about this site for years now. I bought hundreds of old 1950s magazines and did xerox art from them in the 1980s and it would be absolutely immoral to try and charge someone for some barely-recognized artist’s work. They are not worthy of our business.

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