Tom Giesler's anatomical charts


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  1. Nasty says:

    I love this. these paintings are full of win.

  2. garykatsevman says:

    Haha, those are awesome. Definitely the best way to study anatomy.

  3. erindipity says:

    Love those y-fronts.

  4. minTphresh says:

    time to reveal our TRUE selves!

  5. artbot says:

    Hey, it is _that_ Tom Giesler! Great stuff Tom! I somehow missed your painting page back when we worked together. Hope things are going well.

  6. shuut says:

    how do you call the chinese written by westerner that doesn’t make sense? engliese? because none of those on the chart does…

  7. skramble says:

    This is effing brilliant! One of the most delightful and entertaining drawing/graphical presentations I’ve seen in a while. Every now and then someone riffs on the the aesthetics of medical illustration, but this is definitely one of the best if not the finest approach I’ve seen. Well maybe I’m gushing a little, but I love the humor that these drawings have. good stuff.

  8. franko says:

    oh no — is disney going to come down on him for using bambi & friends in his last one? i hope not — it’s awesome.

  9. trr says:

    When the only tool you’ve got is a hammer, all problems look like nails.

  10. Rob Cockerham says:

    Those are awesome!

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