Surveillance webcomic

Trenchant commentary on surveillance from webcomic Boy on a Stick and Slither -- have a look at other comics in the series for more. Boy on a Stick and Slither (Thanks, R!)


  1. I’m not trying to be snarky, but these strips would have more punch if they were actually incorporated humor. Humor is sort of the grease that helps you slide ease your viewpoints to other people.

  2. @ DBARAK

    Humor is also empowering : if one can laughs at something it starts feeling not as threatening, ominous or overpowering as it felt once. From there people may gather the sense that there is something to do against it, instead of ceaselessly complaining or worse cowarding.

    Now how could I make this post funny…


  3. I love BOASAS; I’ve been reading it for ages. This one isn’t particularly funny but there are other ones that are.

  4. I have been a devout boasas reader for ages. Met Steven Cloud at MoCCA two years ago. He’s pretty awesome. Glad to see BoingBoing give him some recognition.

  5. BOASAS is hands-down my favorite webcomic.

    If you’ve never encountered it before, tead back in the archives a bit to get a feel for the humor and rhythm.

  6. BOASAS is usually very understated and sometimes glum sense of humor that is actually pretty charming. It’s one of those comics that I’m meaning to read, but haven’t gotten to it because of a deluge of other comics. I do occasionally read it over my bro’s shoulder. :P

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