Guestblogger: Lisa Katayama!


After a long hiatus, Boing Boing is relaunching its guestblogger program. We are really excited to have Lisa Katayama contribute for the next couple of weeks.

We asked Lisa to write a bit about herself:

My name is Lisa Katayama, and I write about technology, human rights, and Japanese culture for magazines like Wired, Make, and PopSci. My blog, TokyoMango, is an archive of strange news, fun products, and cultural tidbits from my native Japan. I also write a column called MangoBot, a biweekly collection of silly musings about the future on Gawker's io9.
I'm super psyched to be guest blogging on Boing Boing! For the next two weeks, I will keep you posted on what's happening in Japan, quirky findings from the Internet, and some of my recent adventures like hanging out with the Dalai Lama's bipolar brother in India, writing fiction stories about my dog Ruby, and befriending female inmates at state prisons in California.
When I'm not writing, I like to rock climb, play volleyball, travel, buy knitting books, and obsess over my minpin Ruby. Feel free to email me with tips or just to say hi! Happy reading!
(Lisa was too modest to mention that she wrote a wonderful book called Urawaza: Secret Everyday Tips and Tricks from Japan.) Welcome, Lisa!


  1. Welcome Lisa, I’m looking forward to reading your stuff. :D If you have time you should check out the “Untitled 1” comment thread. That’s where a lot of people go to goof off and hang out.

  2. Welcome, Lisa! The guestblog was one of my favorite old school Boing Boing features. I’m so glad it’s back, and Lisa is the perfect guestblogger to kick it off!

  3. I always enjoyed the different points-of-view of guest bloggers in the past. Welcome aboard Lisa.

  4. yay for guest bloggers!
    I’m still glowing from when I was a guest blogger here long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away!

    Welcome, Lisa!

  5. This is a cool convergence of some of my favorite sites. IO9 is on my daily website links I check out just after Boing Boing and Tokyo Mango is on my Japan culture links. Looking forward to more posts on all 3 sites.

  6. Welcome aboard, Lisa! Guestbloggging is how I ended up here, myself! ESCAPE WHILE YOU CAN OH MY GOD THEY’RE COMING TO GE–

  7. When I was reading yesterday I didn’t even notice the articles were being posted by a new person before I scrolled down and saw this post. I think that’s a good sign.

  8. #12, #15: Count me in; Firefox 3.0.1 / Vista crashes whenever I visit a post on tokyomango, too. Insert a joke about Mozilla thrashing up Tokyo(mango) again and again.

  9. I attempted to register. I even got the verification email, but the code got rejected for some reason. Hmm…

    Anyway, I’m using Firefox 3.0.1 with openSUSE, and I have absolutely no problems with tokyomanga. I like it a lot, and Lisa’s first guest blog post here sold me on making it a regular stop. Neat stuff, Ms. Katayama.

  10. @the_firefox_crash_problem_with_tokyomango

    I guess you have to change your character-encoding one time to japanese. It worked for me. I dont’ have a english version of firefox at hand, so you have to fiddle a little bit with the menues. (in german its “Ansicht->Zeichenkodierung->weitere->ostasiatisch->japanisch (EUC-JP)”

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