Burning Man art build video

Kai says: "I thought you would like this video Current just produced on the creation of a number of projects at Black Rock this year"

Every year thousands of people descend onto Black Rock to build a city in the desert from scratch. And for many of the artists and engineers, the period of set-up before the gates actually open has become the most important part of this yearly event. We talk to the founder of Burning Man, Larry Harvey, as well as the masterminds behind the art installations Temple, Elevation, Babylon, Mutopia, and of course, the team behind the building of The Man, as they share their views and show us the art that embodies this year's theme: The American Dream.
Burning Man Art Build 08


  1. How long until the Burning Man is no longer burned due to concerns about CO2 emissions? They’d have to rename the event.

  2. Good point about the actual burning of Burning Man. We should rename it to “Burning Ban” instead?

    Personally, I never understood Burning Man. It’s never seemed much more to me than a lot of naked men riding around on bicycles.

  3. Thanks for posting this….good to see old friends working hard in the dust while we’re soaking up more favorable climates away from the playa.

    Some years the art has blown me away….I went and volunteered for the Artery team with LadyBee for years because it had such a profound impact on my interactive work. Next year we’re looking forward to building the most interesting structure in Black Rock City….after a year off.

  4. #2, the fact that you think it’s a bunch of naked men riding around on bicycles does, indeed, confirm how little you understand about it. If you don’t get it, it’s not for you anyway. I’ve gone five times now and am sad to not be there again this year. It is like NOTHING anywhere else on the planet. It is not a rave, orgy, or drugfest although those elements are happily present. It is something much more simple and complex. I urge you to find someone who has gone and ask them what they thought of it.

    By the way, last year’s art theme was “The Green Man”, with a nod towards better conservation and eco awareness. They even tried to measure the carbon footprint of the event, in hopes of improving it in the future. For years there has been a large, well organized recycling camp and an “Alternative Energy Zone” for Burners who use things like solar and wind power. There’s no fcuking way we will EVER stop burning the man at the end of it all though. 40,000 people more than offset the burn carbon by not driving their cars or using home appliances for a week.

  5. Hey Slim, good to see you on the Man crew. What, no project of your own this year? Nice to see that old shirt, though. I miss those days. Have a good burn.

  6. I couldn’t go this year, would have been my 7th, I’m so bummed.
    I love set up, it is a whole other vibe. Pull in on Saturday morning, start setting up the camp, meet the neighbors, help people with their art.
    I’m sad.

  7. feh on burning man … pretentious farts and drugged out stoners.

    Just think of all the effort wasted for something like this festival that could be put towards something like “building man” … Everyone who might go to burning man works on habitat for humanity houses instead. Or park a few c-17s on the playa, load everyone from the festival in them, fly to Africa and dig some wells and build some schools for a week.

  8. “I urge you to find someone who has gone and ask them what they thought of it.”
    They’ll either tell you they hated it or say “I can’t believe you’ve never gone, you have to go!” It’s an experience not unlike asking an evangelical about church.
    “40,000 people more than offset the burn carbon by not driving their cars or using home appliances for a week.”
    Which is, of course offset by 40,000 people driving several hundred miles out to the desert, carrying a massive load of gear in large vehicles.

  9. @Dillenger69:

    Good idea. Like Burners Without Borders maybe, which spent eight months in Mississippi helping clean up and rebuild after Hurricane Katrina, and months more in Peru helping them recover from a disastrous earthquake. Or Black Rock Solar, which donates and installs solar power arrays for local schools and hospitals. Or the Black Rock Arts Foundation, which funds interactive public art installations around the world. I wouldn’t call any of that “wasted effort.”

  10. Dillenger69:

    I can’t believe you took time out from your saintly work feeding the poor to read BoingBoing and post a comment.

    At least at Burning Man the fake halos actually light up at night and make people smile.

  11. Why do anti-burners always view the decision to participate in Burning Man in such stark terms? By their logic, every 2 hours you spend watching a movie could be better spent helping at the soup kitchen, or every lost weekend of vegging in front of an x-box should be spent working the suicide hotlines. Why do these activities need to be mutually exclusive? There’s a time for helping, a time for rest, a time for play, and a time for ridiculously overblown art-parties in the desert. Just because one exists doesn’t meant he others can’t. Sounds like somebody is jealous.

  12. The thing about Chillits is managing to get a ticket, which I still haven’t managed to do. I’ve been to various other events at the same location, and it’s stunningly beautiful.

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