Bush-McCain "Tijuana Bibles" at DNC


Ethan Persoff (the fellow who is covering the riot police at the DNC) has printed a special edition of his (X-rated) McCain "Tijuana Bible" to hand out to folks at the convention.

Uncivil Society reports:

Any complete account of the evolution of communications media in the twentieth century must include the Tijuana Bible -- small pornographic comics featuring bootleg versions of popular comic strips and celebrities.


In Denver this week, delegates to the Democratic National Convention will have the opportunity to get printed versions of this Bush-McCain Tijuana Bible, presented as a replica of a prophetic 1934 comic from Lieberman's Lil' Squeezer Books. Whatever one's moral stance regarding porn & politics, it's a rather clever piece of neo-retro performance art.

Bush McCain Tijuana Bible at the Democratic National Convention


  1. Oh man normally I ignore this trash as fantasies of strange people, but this makes a killer political point! McCain *is* in bed with GWB. His voting record shouts it :-)

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  3. @5: Of course not! Now something like Teddy Kennedy/Bill Clinton, that would be. This particular joke just doesn’t “work” with Obama/Hillary, sorry.

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  5. Frankly, I’m still having a little trouble with Persoff’s earlier account of the riot police in Denver. To call what sounds like a horrifying moment of brutality where teenagers get beaten a great victory seems more than a little off to me.

    I’m not questioning the veracity of the account so much as the writer’s reaction to it. Brutality and thuggishness is what it is; it is not a “piece of valuable theater.”

  6. However funny or amusing this sort of thing might be to those of us who tend to agree with whatever message it might be intended to send (allegiance between McCain and the policies of the Bush administration, etc), it’s hard to see this as productive or meaningful.

    Do the people handing these out really believe this sort of juvenile potshot will change anyone’s minds? Of those who are impressed by this, how many will be of legal voting age? If you’re going to the effort to hand out flyers or leaflets, why not something more rationally compelling? Why waste the opportunity on something so easily disregarded as trash by those you’d be trying to reach?

  7. “Would an Obama/Hillary comic be equally as cool and funny? How about Edwards and Michelle Obama?”

    No. Those would actually turn me on some.

  8. Damn, not only are Dems and Obama-supporters all playing D&D while writing their blogs from their mom’s basements (per out-of-touch McCain staffer), now we’re porn producers and consumers too. Or at least conspicuous consumers and producers of it, willing to show it off.

  9. bootleg versions of popular comic strips and celebrities.

    Not bootleg versions. More accurately: pornographic parodies.

  10. Who said anything about it being an appeal to “people you want to draw into your camp.” That’s nuts.

  11. It’s just a comic. I find the photos from Abu Ghraib much more disturbing and sick. The Tiajuana Bible simply satirizes reality. Our present administration IS the epitome of obscenity. Obama/Hillary, Edwards/Michelle comparisons don’t fit.

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  13. Almost forgot . . .

    ”…imagine thousands of Americans who have only been drink Budwieser discovering German beer…”

    The drink of real legionnaires!

  14. #23 Your kidding, right? Dont fool yourself, its not that im offended, i just think its a tasteless plea for attention.

  15. Help! I got drunk on German beer and staggered over here on a different thread!

    Hell, I’ll just pop another one….

  16. Buddy, I thought your previous comment just went over my head, so I said nothing. We like Pabst over here on this thread.

  17. Anthony,

    A true story. I drank a lot of German beer during the Berlin Airlift. For a kid, I built up a hell of a tolerance and didn’t know it, until I shipped stateside and sat in a Fort Dix PX the first night back and drank 7 bottles of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

    The result? Buzzed? Not a bit. Just one loooong piss.

  18. Even if an undecided voter saw this and was not impressed guys, I think you’ve missed the point.

    This type of thing does wonders on the subconscious level. It completely reinforces the political statement behind it, and it’s dang hard to get that image out of your head ;)

    This is just a reaction to Roveian politics. Hit hard, hit low, go for the jugular. Sorry Repubs, you made this grave, you lie in it.

  19. *snicker*

    Well done, sir. Darkbeanie, this comic isn’t meant to “reach out.” It’s a cheap laugh at a few deserving targets. Hell, the Rude Pundit does this kind of stuff (in print) every day.

    And, considering what Rove did to McCain in the 2000 primaries, Goatse wouldn’t have been inappropriate.

    NatLamp had a decent run. Not all of their stuff aged well, but some of it, especially from Doug Kenney and Michael O’Donoghue, still shines. Happily, I discovered SPY when NatLamp started to flag.

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