Mona Lisa remixed by famous modern artists

Lunatica Desnuda has compiled a mini-photo gallery showing different depictions of the Mona Lisa by artists like Andy Warhol, Rene Magritte, and Keith Haring. While some simply add their flavor to the otherwise self-explanatory portrait, others poke fun at Da Vinci's masterpiece by making her preggers (pictured here, by Yasumasa Morimura) or giving her a mustache so she looks like a dude (a self-portrait by silly eccentric Salvador Dali). Which Mona Lisa do you like the most?

Link via Notcot

( Lisa Katayama is a guest blogger.)


  1. The formatting is broken in the original blog post, but my favourite is definitely the rendition that removes the figure altogether and shows only the setting. Makes you doubly aware of the fame and familiarity of that face and smile (and personally, what a relief sometimes it is not to see it for the hundredth time).

  2. I like the one where she’s reclining on the bench, sort of Pre-Raphaelity; someone’s taken the time to imagine her as a real person that did more than pose for a single portrait. The ones where she’s exposing her breasts or butt are kind of annoying; it’s the sort of thing that I would have done when I was about twelve years old.

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