Love and Rockets: New Stories, Vol 1


National treasures Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez have relaunched Love and Rockets with a new format and a new approach. I can hardly wait.

Love and Rockets: New Stories #1 reboots the beloved ongoing "Love and Rockets" comic into a fat, all-new annual graphic novel length package.

Jaime launches the new format with a story that's unusual even for him... A full-on, pulse-pounding super-hero yarn! Maggie's longtime friend Penny Century has finally realized her longtime dream of acquiring super-powers, but at a terrible personal cost. Now she rampages through the galaxy, half mad with grief, and a motley group of super-heroes assembles to try to stop her -- led by Maggie's girlfriend Angel and her mysterious neighbor Alarma, and involving a number of characters longtime Love and Rockets fans will delight in recognizing.

The epic-length 50-page story (only the first half of the saga!) combines Jaime's razor sharp characterization and superlative art with wildly inventive, Kirby-style slam-bang super-hero action.

Then Gilbert Hernandez explodes with a similarly generous helping of his fantastically creative one-shot short stories: "Tamanny" (rookie cop vs. demonic drug users); "Papa" (a turn-of-the-century story involving a traveling businessman); "The New Adventures of Duke and Sammy" (super-powered Martin and Lewis impostors in outer space); "The Tender Room" (Into the Wild as re-imagined by Beto); "Chiro el Indio" (written by third brother Mario Hernandez); and "Never Say Never" (a kangaroo gets lucky in Las Vegas).

One hundred pages of Jaime, Gilbert and Mario Hernandez at the peak of their powers: this is a major graphic-novel event!

Love and Rockets: New Stories #1


  1. There couldn’t be better news today. For those who find catching up with the entire Love and Rockets universe, maybe this will be a great place to start.

  2. Wow. Taking me back to high school.

    I can’t wait for this come out. The only bad thing about a yearly graphic novel-length release is that we have to wait another year for more…

  3. Am I the only one who was expected David J and Daniel Ash, rather than a pair of brothers?

    /often lost comic references deeper than what he picked up as an adolescent.

  4. i like the comics and this cover page, really nice girl… humm…10 or 20 years ago American comic just like this while differet from today, because it’s be changed by japanese catoons. and this cover page just let’s me think about kids coloring pages. i like it maybe from my kid heart!

  5. @5: Maybe. I’d much rather it have been about something new from the band, but I knew better. (sigh)

    I was really disappointed when I learned that David J et al had cribbed the name. It was even worse when I looked through the L&R trades and just couldn’t get into it. Maybe it’s not time yet.

  6. I think that I’d prefer this format. I was a big fan of the original series, at first, but there got to be a point not long before the end of the original series where both Jaime and Gilbert seemed to be stuck in a rut; Luba’s origin story was dragging on and on, and Maggie was depressed and turning tricks and…

    When the second series started up, I tried to pick up as many issues as I could, but my local comics shop didn’t carry it and the big city comics shop that I occasionally got to was missing back issues, and I didn’t want to subscribe because it might start to suck again. So, annual issue? Fine by me.

  7. This is excellent news! I was wondering what los bros Hernandez were up to when the new series seemed to trail off. Both the Palomar and Locas storylines can easily hold their own with the best literature of the 20th century (and with some of the things Jaime ended up doing with the themes of memory and regret, Locas is practically the A la Recherche du Temps Perdu of the post-punk generation).

  8. And I could have died without hearing of this, having missed what would have been the one chance to catch L&R 20+ years ago…

    Thank you, BB, for giving this old fart another chance.

  9. Cool. As a thirty-something female who’s blissfully unaware that she’s not part of the target demographic for comic books, I find this to be very good news indeed. I loves me some L&R. I guess that’s Penny Century on the cover, with her natural hair color?

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