Morph's Outpost 15th anniversary

  96Aixoox-Za Slsatwkzfyi Aaaaaaaadhu L32Mtkaqxlm S1600 Mo.Aug93 In the early 1990s cyberculture, Morph's Outpost on the Digital Frontier was a hip multimedia technical magazine inspired in design (and consciousness) by 60s underground newspapers. This month is the 15th anniversary of the first issue. To celebrate, co-founders Jody Radzik (Art Director), Doug Millison (Editor), and Dave Pola (Ad Developer), have made the magazine's signature comic strip, Morph's Outpost On The Digital Frontier, by Fred "Sundance" Gromadski, available online. Millison has also launched an online Morph's retrospective. Dig that logo treatment by Kai "Power Tools" Krause!
Morph's Outpost comic, Morph's Outpost site (Thanks, Jody Radzik!)


  1. We went to a ton of trade shows & conferences, because we were able to swap advertising space in the magazine for booth space at the show.

    We also hosted our own conference, Art Teco’93 and Art Texo’94, in San Francisco. I posted the Art Teco ’93 conference cover at, and I’ll be posting more of the magazine covers, Art Teco program pages, and other morphemobilia, so you’ll find all that at the web site.

    If you like the Adventures of Morph comic, you may also enjoy http”//TheConcreteJungleBook, a prose+comics scrapbook novel I (Doug Millison, a.k.a. “Morph”) have co-written, illustrated by Srayla Tip, a protege of Adventures of Morph illustrator, Fred “Sundanse” Gromadski. You’ll see the stylistic similarities, but Tip also does his own thing.

  2. Yabaii! Even though Mondo and BoingBoing were my favourite magazines I loved Morph Outpost zine! Damn great (near zero bandwith) times!!!

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