Disaster papercraft

Disaster Dioramas: a collection of free, downloadable papercraft depicting great historical disasters. The Hindenberg and the Titanic are presently available and more are to come. Disaster Dioramas (via Make)


  1. HuronBob, I want to do 9/11 as a snowglobe, with a model jet that slides down a transparent (= invisible) slide when you turn it right-side-up, and the snow replaced with tiny whirling square “documents”.

  2. Rather than screaming, I’d prefer a snowglobe which, when shaken, plays 30 seconds of the Weather Girls singing “It’s Raining Men”.

    This reminds me, I used to have a set of “Death Cult: The Jonestown Massacre Memorial Cards”, drawn by different underground cartoonists in the style of Mars Attacks. “Card 26: Spiking The Kool-Aid”, “Card 28: Cyanide Convulsions”, etc.

  3. Do the historical inaccuracies bother anybody besides me? Titanic sinking backwards, fire breaking out amidships on Hindenburg … I mean, if you’re gonna make a historical diorama …

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