Akino Kondoh's black-and-white video art

Akino Kondoh is a Japanese contemporary artist who makes neat black-and-white video art. This one is called Ladybirds' Requiem. She uses pencil, pastel, and acrylic for the original illustrations, combines them on Photoshop, and then adds motion using After Effects. The music was created just for this piece by Toshiaki Chiku, former member of a band called Tama. Kondoh started off doodling pencil drawings as a kid; during high school, she drew a comic book series called Memoirs of a High School Girl. "I've been drawing in black and white since childhood," she says.

I posted her other video, Maybe It's The Train, on TokyoMango a couple of weeks ago.

Akino Kondoh main page

( Lisa Katayama is a guest blogger.)


  1. wow, this is amazing. I wish youtube didn’t make high-contrasted videos look like pixelated ass. Reminds me of something that’d be on sesame street.

  2. Tama is one of my all time favorite Japanese bands. I am so glad to see he’s still out there doing fun stuff. Tama’s Ozone Dance is a Jpop classic, with a depth that Jpop rarely reaches — wistfulness, a wink, and a sound that actually feels like it was influenced by the Beatles of the White Album.

  3. Dear Lisa
    I really hope you come here more often as you post such beautiful art postings thank you
    Rob, Rotterdam,Holland

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