RIP Geoffrey Perkins of Hitchhikers' Guide and Father Ted


12 Responses to “RIP Geoffrey Perkins of Hitchhikers' Guide and Father Ted”

  1. Bottlekid says:

    Drink! :(

  2. Gidim says:

    What a shame that he didn’t “go on, go on, go on, go on.”

  3. IamInnocent says:

    I’m so happy to live… hopefully he is too. :)


  4. schmod says:

    I propose a round of Mornington Crescent in his honor.

    I’ll start:
    South Kensington

  5. Big Ed Dunkel says:

    MRS. DOYLE: Aye, sad. Now … (pouring Jack a cup of tea) … and what do you say to a cup?
    FATHER JACK: Feck off, cup!

  6. MameDennis says:


    Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters all around.

  7. RikF says:

    Kings Cross

    It is amazing how so much pleasure can have come from someone so rarely mentioned

  8. Lau says:

    Goodge Street

  9. lercio says:

    I did not know it until now, but I have been a fan for 20 years.

    cue Beetlegeuse death anthem …

  10. Bonegnawer says:

    All the programs I used to watch on BBC… ;-;

    they were damn good ones.

  11. monkey76 says:


    Far away.

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