Couple gets hitched at a funeral home

A Michigan couple decided to get married at a local funeral home. Part of it was because the husband was a funeral director there. But also, he points out, just as many caskets are carried down the wedding aisle at a church, so what's the difference? Some guests were hesitant to attend, but ultimately everyone showed up and had a good time. Link

( Lisa Katayama is a guest blogger.)


  1. A friend of mine did this as well. He is a mortician and using the chapel at the funeral home was a much more financially savvy choice.

  2. I don’t understand why people are freaked out about funeral homes. People die, fact of life. A funeral home is just as much about honoring the life of recently departed as they are for preparing the dead for preservation. I don’t see how having a wedding there is any different than that, nyuk, nyuk.

    1. I don’t understand why people are freaked out about funeral homes.

      It’s not the death part. It’s the pickling and spray-painting to make the corpses look like life-sized dolls that’s creepy.

  3. funeral homes are about extracting money from the living. The handling and disposal of the dead should be done with minimum ceremony and maximum speed and dignity. The remembrance and honoring are by the living, for the living. Burn me and sprinkle me from a cardboard box. Use any money left to help those money can help or to get everybody really drunk for a day. Then get back to work.

  4. There’s a funeral home in St. George, Utah that has a beautiful staircase. My sister had her bridal photos taken there, and apparently they have brides come in to do this several times a week.

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