HOWTO Make a papercraft Masonic Lodge

Gary sez, "Papercraft Masters will enjoy making this 3-D Masonic Lodge, complete with seekrit symbols and 'tools and implements of Masonry, most expressive.' It's a pop-up model, so you can quickly hide it if cowans and eavesdroppers are lurking about." How to Make a Pop-up Lodge (Thanks, Gary!)


  1. I think this is hilarious! I had to google what the word “Cowan” meant though- what a nifty new word I learned- “COWAN- a non-Witch. Formerly used in a very derogatory manner. Still used in Masonic Ritual to indicate the non initiate and/or pretender to “real craft”. Not often used today among most Witches.”

  2. Lilornannie:

    I guess you googled to some Wiccan web site. Wiccans have adopted bits of Masonic nomenclature, often without reference to the words original meaning. ‘Cowan’, to symbolic Masons, does have the meaning given, but its ‘Wiccan’ use seems to be fairly recent.

    I refer you to
    which quotes the OED definition, going back to the 16th century. You’ll find that there is no link to witchcraft, but that it refers to an untrained stoneworker, not a member of the Mason’s Guild.

    Master Mason

  3. #4: hence, I suppose, the large number of folks with the last name Cowan.

    Like Smiths, Carters, Wrights, Taylors, Carpenters etc. (and of course Masons) Cowans must have been named for their craft.

    Learning IS fun!

  4. Awesome!!
    Been a MM for a long time and a Boingboinger even longer.
    Not sure if you remember me, Cory. My friend and I sat in one of your koffeeklatsches at the Sci-Fi Con in Anaheim (2006).
    You rock!!!

    btw: Almost finished with my “Little Brother” version of a Camerahead halloween costume. plans to post flikr or photobucket photos to come.

    So mote it be!!

    ps: Zehnkatzen, Freemason’s biggest secret is that there are no secrets.

  5. IRSEAN, we’ve got plenty of secrets! There’s the secret 3rd degr… Oh, wait. You can Google that. What about the secret grips… Oh, wait, those are on Google too.

    Well, darn. Maybe you’re right.

    BTW, I just made this myself – it was a little tough, but awesome now that it’s done. Going to be sitting on my desk at work as soon as I remember to bring it in.

    ~ SemanticDM

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