Schoolgirl with 25 snails on her face

All hail Tiana Walton, the schoolgirl who set the record for most snails on her face at once, coming in at 25 of the little beggars:

Her previous personal best was just nine.

The rules state that competitors have just one minute to put the snails on their face before tipping their head forward for 10 seconds.

Tiana, of Alvanley, Cheshire, said: "I am not squeamish. It is relaxing but it feels a bit cold. They are quite smelly and you can see their big long eyes facing you. I think my friends at school will say 'urgh'."

Schoolgirl smashes the world record as she lets 25 snails slide across her face


  1. What amazes me is that they have such formalized procedures for determining the record for most snails on a face.

  2. You can put 25 snails on your face, or you can just watch the next two months of political campaigns to get the same sensation…

  3. I need a unicorn chaser. I have a terrible fear of snails.. no really I do… as does my sister and we have no idea why – perhaps some snail related trauma as children that we have blocked out :P. This would be my worst nightmare ever 0_o

  4. I don’t get it? What’s so bad about snails? Give any normal person a couple of strong beers, and they’ll happily be buried in hundreds of snails.
    Snails are not poisonous in the least, so this is not a test of courage, just ‘eeew’-factor.

  5. “Give any normal person a couple of strong beers, and they’ll happily be buried in hundreds of snails.”

    I beg to differ! :p no normal person would be willing to be buried in snails no matter how many beers.

    Snails are slimy. ICK!!!!!!! My mind shies away at the very thought of having them anywhere on my body, LET ALONE my face.

  6. I am *so* happy that this turned out to be a world-record thing, and not a hey-look-at-this-new-sexual-fetish-that-came-out-of-Japan thing. Not that I have anything against the proliferation and production of fetishes and fetish communities as the Internet rolls us forward into the New Great Era. More power to us, I say. It’s that that snails wig the hell out of me, and the idea of snail-porn actually existing on the internet, daring me to look at it and not have nightmares for weeks – look, snail-porn would just be an awful, awful thing, and let’s just really hope it never happens, OK?

    In any case, good for Tiana, you world-record-breaker, even the picture really freaks me out. Good for you.

  7. The fact that the previous record was so low just reinforces my belief that many of the feats in that Guinness book are only there because nobody has bothered trying to best them.

    Just imagine how many gastropods you could fit on a face the size of, say, Ted Kennedy’s.

  8. I have to wonder about the snails. This would have to ick them out. And where’s the record for number of faces climbed on for a single snail?

  9. I was going to post a 34 but … *squick*

    Anyways apperently I make the same face when I get a scalp massage.

  10. She’s got some more room up on her forehead.

    I never knew snails smelled bad. I suppose there’s a good reason I didn’t know that. They don’t get very close to my nose, except once as escargot.

  11. This little girl on youtube actually broke the record last year, but Guinness wanted a crazy amount of money to put it in the book.

  12. This is not so much “most snails on face” as “how many snails can you get to stick to your face in 60 seconds”. The limiting factor here is the arbitrary 60 second time limit. There’s still plenty of space on her face.

    Besides, there are big snails and little snails, big faces and small faces. Use little snails on a big face and you can easily get hundreds of them to fit. But getting them all loaded within 60 seconds will be tricky.

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