Bizarre anti-gay comic book from 1980s


Ethan Persoff scanned this insane homophobic comic book from 1986 called Homosexuality: Legitimate, Alternative, Deathstyle.

Equipped with a style that could have played well in Mad or even Playboy, Hafer was the right-wing's Jack Davis: a man who could, and did, lampoon any chosen target of what one could tent together as "Republican Interests". Gays, Hippies, Abortion, Ted Kennedy, the National Education Association, all sorts of terrible demons. But for everything he hated, he sure seemed fixated on talking -at length- about the nasty stuff. What would a psychologist say?

We decided to jump right off with his most offensive work. But it's great reading too, obsessed with sodomy, urine, masturbation, all the x-rated ideas. But be forewarned: These comics were not intended for you. No. In the world of pitching and catching, this is something intended for the other team. Reading these pages is like jumping into a bizarro world of bent pent-up pop-culture where the wrong is right, the shirt and haircut doesn't match, and most of the food shopping is done in bulk through QVC. Full of religious radio, weekly gun rallies, dittoheads, the 700 club, casserole potlucks ... There are tops and bottoms to this discussion, clearly, and this comic was intended for the humans over the homos. We can't even type the title of what we're about to present without laughing a bit. But that's what Hafer fans lovingly refer to as "the ol' dick magic". Dick Hafer really was that sort of an asshole.

Homosexuality: Legitimate, Alternative, Deathstyle


  1. His style makes my head hurt. It does remind me of period stuff from Playboy and Penthouse (ahem) — and so I’m primed for a cheap sex joke — but the reality is so tremendously unfunny that I have…what’s the phrase…cognitive dissonance. Apparently that causes headaches in dopes like me.

  2. I am offended that Dick Hafer’s name is even in the same sentence as Jack Davis’s.

    I found this link to a Dick Hafer book.

    “Book Description
    A humorous cartoon look at a stereotypical model railroader. Filled with jabs and barbs that will make readers laugh out loud.”

    It seems to be a first hand explanation of dicks Freudian inner life & personal experience of sex.

    I can’t help but imagine Dick wielding a one man propaganda war against the depravity of “Track 29”

  3. What I find most fascinating is that it took almost one hour for the first comment/post to appear about this item.
    It is also interesting -from a purely academic sense mind you given the limited excerpt- that for a publication that tries to vilify a certain ‘lifestyle’, it offers up a great deal of information that could clarify some popular terminology and actually be useful; from a purely academic sense, of course.

  4. …You know, after yesterday’s ColOMoscopy, there may actually be something to this “sodomy is a learned habit” bit. After having six feet of camera crammed through a rear end that’s been marked for 47 years as “Exit Only”, learning to like it going the other way has *got* to be a habit that’s acquired over time much in the same way one gets used to hitting one’s self over the head with a 2×4. Unless there really *is* a “sodomy gene”.

    Of course, the fact that I woke up halfway through the damn thing probably didn’t help…:-(

  5. Site is so slow now that it’s impossible to comment, but I gave up when I realized how long it was. However, the first real page contains this gem: “What should the Christian’s attitude be toward the sodomites?”

    This is exactly why the left is so sour against Christianity.. people telling them what their attitude should be. And people who need to have their attitude told to them. I love my Catholic wife, in part because she doesn’t do things like tell me what my attitude toward something should be. It allows us to have a dialog, instead of a war.

  6. I hate, hate, hate to say this but the art work actually reminds me of those old ‘conjunction junction’ style cartoons from the 70’s more than anything else.

  7. boy, Boing Boing, the author really paints with a broad brush when it states “chosen target of what one could tent together as “Republican Interests”

    I believe party affiliation is switching roles these days, seems like Republicans have been demonized as non compassionate dittoheads,

    give us a break, there seems to be more compssion among the conservitives these days, and judgement fro the left. What do you think?

  8. Falcon Seven: Yeah, he actually seems to have done some research! I could mention the Mattachine Society to a lot of gay friends and receive blank looks.

    OM: You just have to get your ass in gear, that’s all. ;)

  9. Eggman :

    I believe party affiliation is switching roles these days, seems like Republicans have been demonized as non compassionate dittoheads,

    give us a break, there seems to be more compssion among the conservitives these days, and judgement fro the left. What do you think?

    As a GLBT activist, I think you’re so wrong I suspect you of being a left wing troll, written to sound like a parody of a conservative.

    If you are, quit it. It’s bad karma.

  10. seems like Republicans have been demonized as non compassionate dittoheads

    Given the activities of solidly Republican groups like the American Family Association (the contemporary equivalent of Hafer’s homophobic drivel), it’s hardly surprising. And that’s before we get to those advocates for compassion and moderation, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and Michael Savage. If you can find a compassionate quote from any of those three wretches, don’t hesitate to post it.

  11. I didn’t know the RNC was putting out it’s platform in graphic novel form.

    Anyone who can turn the Stonewall Riots (which are to the GLBTQ community an event on par with Bull Connor turning dogs on civil rights protesters) into a gag about swishes wielding purses is best left to the dustbin of history.

  12. I, for one, was SHOCKED to find out that sodomites engage in practices like “kissing” and “fellatio”. Good thing us heterosexuals don’t do anything weird like that. Just good ol’ missionary sex, once a year, through a hole in a sheet, like God intended.

  13. @Cholling:

    Let’s all take a moment to think of poor Ms. Hafer.

    All the “sodomy” talk puts me in mind of this old story, the young man who asked a simple questions of another brave culture warrior battling the mighty homosexual agenda.

    “Justice Scalia, do you sodomize your wife?”

  14. yep – best forgotten. more detritus for the trash heap of history.

    this artist seems really FASCINATED by his subject matter – he is obviously quite deeply emotionally engaged in his topic.

  15. The book link posted by nehpetsE shows a illustrated cover. A very excited man is playing with his train along side other men while his new wife is left wanting something more. The way the men were grasping their trains seemed a little odd to me. Also there are no tunnels in the scene.
    This I noticed before I read the comic book…

    – O M G
    clearly this cartoonist has something on his mind.

  16. Sooo…. his whole hangup is that gay people are horrible disgusting trash because they (1) don’t have kids and (2) have lots of sex?

    Y’know, for most gay folks, those are kinda benefits of the lifestyle. Sorry, Dick!

    Oh, and hate to break it to you, but the 90% of America that’s heterosexual is having a whole lot more anal and oral sex than the barely-10% that’s gay.

  17. Oh, and OM… even the bottomiest bottom who gets it through the back door every night would quake at the idea of six feet of optical equipment being run up their fundament. Sorry for your pain!

  18. Haha! Repressed much? It’s so awesome how the young generations can just see through that repression, it’s no disguise.

    It’s amazing how many political figures are repressed homosexuals. I know 2 personally, and then there’s of course good old Larry Craig.

    I think this can’t last forever, these people are relics of a dying age – unless pop culture makes a complete 180 and becomes hardcore conservative. Yeah, right.

    I think Craig used this as an instruction manual :-P

  19. It requires a certain amount of training, but I wouldn’t call it a ‘learned’ habit.

    I would call it a balanced part of a regular diet. And would eat a good amount of bran, to facilitate the cleaning process before hand.

    The situation in this cartoon just goes to show you how everything the cartoonist thinks he can condemn is falsely grouped together under things he thinks are icky. Bum=gay man=trash can, in this cartoon. I see this a lot when the author/artist/commentator hasn’t bothered to understand what they don’t like and is content to think it’s all gross and equivalent in value (to them.)

  20. Dick Hafer was a family friend, even though my parents never quite agreed with his politics. As a result, we had copies of almost all of his books in the house. I read most of them at around 12 or 13 (in ’90 or ’91) and recall thinking that it was some kind of shock literature. A benefit of reading the material is that I didn’t have to wait for the urban dictionary to come along before knowing a lot of terminology that my peers did not.

    Politics aside, and they never really came up during get-togethers, Dick was a nice guy who had lots of fun crap to show a kid (autographs from Walt Disney, et al., comic book stuff, etc). As a result, I have a pretty conflicted view of the guy. I guess you could describe it as being akin to a “hate the sin, love the sinner” type situation.

  21. At first I thought is name was Dick Hater. Then I realised my mistake.

    After I read the comic, I realised it wasn’t such a mistake after all. What a closet!

  22. The idea that homosexuality is a behavior rather than genetic harkens back to the 19th century. The view is popular amongst some sets of Christian groups. Because if it is a behavior (like drinking) you can just stop doing it and you would cease to be a gay person. If being gay is genetic (which has some support) then there is the possibility that God wanted it that way. A dangerous point of view to hold for some people.

  23. @29 You mean this guy was a real human? kinda creeps me out even more.

    @21 A Hole in the Sheet? Darn I knew I forgot something the other night.

  24. “OM: You just have to get your ass in gear, that’s all. ;)”

    …According to the doctor, my ass *is* in gear. They didn’t find *anything*, not one single polyp, lesion or ‘rhoid. What I need now is to simply get my shit together :-(

  25. When I read this, I notice my breathing become shallow and I felt a tightening in my gut. It feels like handling the dead body of a deadly venomous snake; I don’t quite trust that I’m safe now. This stupid little book may be the source of a good part of my internal conflict about being gay. Over twenty years ago I was an 8th grader at a private school in South Carolina where some of my most disturbing memories are from the classroom of a certain Mr. B. He often talked about how and exactly why homosexuality was wrong, evil, disgusting, and will send one to the grave and hell. He did mention details almost as graphic as this book. I know the infamous Paul Cameron was a source of some of his misinformation but the striking similarity in content and tone makes me think he must have read and quite absorbed this Hafer’s book… (imagine having the guy puking into a mailbox for a science and history teacher at least one class a day for 3 years).

    I’d like to be able to see it as kitch, to be able to lightly ridicule it, but I’m just chilled to see my darkest self-hate given a voice and image on paper so perfectly.

    Also FALCON_SEVEN, beware, the explanations of terms and acts described in the book are a bit ‘off’: for example, to my knowledge ‘golden shower’ does not imply a group scene. I’m not a specialist in all areas ;) and terms may have changed in the past twenty years, but I reckon Hafer’s own research in collecting facts about gay sexual behavior and terminology was not exactly scientific.

  26. What can I say? I’m an addict and proud of it. And this is why I learned to fight better than most: so if someone picks on me, I can beat the living daylights out of them. And have. Let’s see what Obama does about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. He’ll be speaking to the Brothers and Sisters down the road from me this evening (Beautiful Ferndale, Michigan), and I might actually show up to hear what he has to say.

    Semper Fi!

  27. He’ll be speaking to the Brothers and Sisters down the road from me this evening (Beautiful Ferndale, Michigan)

    WHAT!?! That’s like, next door. I’m so there…

  28. “But for everything he hated, he sure seemed fixated on talking -at length- about…” Sounds a bit like BoingBoing at times :P

  29. Dick Hafer, dick hater?

    Um, he was gay, right? That’s usually the only time one sees this level of interest and obsessive attention to detail in such a horrible, shameful, alluring topic.

  30. Rossindetroit, if you’re there, stop by Affirmations (Nine mile, just down the street from Woodward) and take a look. It’s our great new LGBT center.

  31. I loved the side-bar quote (p.52, I think), regarding A2M contact:

    “As you might imagine, saliva contains many germs and substances not normally found in the rectum.”

    Mouth = dirty, filthy, germ-infested
    Rectum = clean as a whistle, baby!

    On first reading I thought this was *hilarious*, then I remembered people still think/feel this way.

  32. “Dick Hafer, dick hater?”

    …You know, that’s what I thought was said at the start, and was about to post a comment about the irony of that, but remembering how ysdxleci I’ve gotten in my old age, I managed to catch myself.

    But who knows? Maybe there is a book called Spots On The Wall by Hu Flung Pu…:-)

  33. I knew that artwork looked familiar!

    Hafer also made a comic called “You’re Not Supposed To Get Mugged By Your Own Army!” about the broken military procurement process, back in 1980. The comic was commissioned by Julie Research Labs, a small electronics form in NYC which had been frozen out of the Pentagon’s procurement process because they weren’t part of the old-boy network, even though they made superior equipment at a lower cost.

    I worked for JRL part-time in the late ’80s, where I learned to take apart and reassemble computers, among other things. There was a box of the Hafer comics on a storage shelf, but I didn’t bother to take any home.

  34. I didn’t even have to read article or caption to recognize the comic. I think I have it stashed away with my high school stuff. As a card carrying Young Republican, I handed these out at school. Found it a few years back and read it again. Freaked the living s#$t out of me. I now live as a crypto-establishmentarian, hiding from the police state we live in. As a former Christian In Action, I bought the whole enchilada back in the day: God, Guns, and Government. My whole life revolved around making sure Christ was safe in the world, Junipero Serra would have been proud. Now military people, christies, and politicians of all persuasions freak me out.

  35. Keneke 43: Wow, another reason (as if I needed more) to loathe Dave Chapelle.

    Btw, if you’ll agree that straight sex is gross (sorry, it just is) I’ll agree not to think you’re a homophobic jerk.

  36. OM @6: been there, done that, by report was audible throughout the offices.

    Cory @9, could you take a moment, get onto Google, and check out how much of the left is religious? Since they’re always trying to falsely represent themselves as the dominant majority of believers in this country, think of it as a way of getting back at the kind of Christians who irritate you.

    Eggman @11:

    give us a break, there seems to be more compssion among the conservitives these days, and judgement fro the left. What do you think?

    You’re talking about the ones who left the sick, poor, needy, and helpless of New Orleans to suffer after Katrina? Who think that giving charity to widows and orphans = “being sucked dry by welfare chiselers”? Who think it’s important to lighten the tax burden of our wealthiest citizens, but not to pay a living wage to the working poor?

    I dunno. You tell me.

    Spectrusery @37: I’m sorry that happened to you. I’m sorry Mr. B. took out his obvious repression on his students. Sometimes all we can do is refuse to pass the damage along to others.

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