Chenman's Great Wall fashion photography


Chenman is not a man. She's a Beijing-born twenty-something woman who has become one of the most well-known fashion photographers in China. She does a lot of high profile work, like covers for Chinese Vogue and ads for Adidas and Sony Ericsson, but I love her personal stuff the best. Here's a shot of unlikely supermodel Lv Yan rocking out on the Great Wall. (The last fashion photography I saw at this location was by Tyra Banks for ANTM. Not quite as stunning.)

Chenman's web site via NotCot

( Lisa Katayama is a guest blogger.)


  1. Nice photo, but the size 0 model makes me feel sick. I hope that she is Photoshoped to be like that. If not she really needs medical help…

  2. Of course there is no such object as The Great Wall. It’s a brilliant marketing construct. Certainly there are lots of walls in China, some very old, some very photogenic (not the same ones), but they don’t connect up to form a single object no matter how you define it.

    The breakout success of the marketing ploy is suggested by the fact that people who insist the moon landings were a hoax believe nonetheless that you can see “The Wall” from there. (No, you can’t.)

  3. Wow. Not the set of comments I was expecting.

    A. Different cultural definition of beauty.

    Size Standard:
    Japanese/Chinese < American < Latin B. She looks completely natural to me. But, I'm small and have a pair of silver lame' tights too. You would not believe the things they do to your body. That said, the only photoshopping possibility I could see is under the leg where the shadows are, but the bottom thigh seems even with the raised thigh.

  4. the offhandedness of the “not quite as stunning” comment is troubling to me, but i’ll not infer as to ms. katayama’s motivation. suffice it to say i think that the other image is more compelling on a number of counts.

  5. is this “fashion”, or just an attempt to be freakier than the next “model” or “rock star” ???

    somebody pLeAsE buy her two hamburgers!! and a large shake. ick.

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