Chenman's Great Wall fashion photography


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  1. the specialist says:

    is this “fashion”, or just an attempt to be freakier than the next “model” or “rock star” ???

    somebody pLeAsE buy her two hamburgers!! and a large shake. ick.

  2. Machinehead says:

    @10 – Totally agree, her website is awesome. Keep sending us beautiful and stunning material Lisa.

  3. ncm says:

    Of course there is no such object as The Great Wall. It’s a brilliant marketing construct. Certainly there are lots of walls in China, some very old, some very photogenic (not the same ones), but they don’t connect up to form a single object no matter how you define it.

    The breakout success of the marketing ploy is suggested by the fact that people who insist the moon landings were a hoax believe nonetheless that you can see “The Wall” from there. (No, you can’t.)

  4. BlueGrrl says:

    Wonderful work on her website! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Slartybardfast says:

    Nice photo, but the size 0 model makes me feel sick. I hope that she is Photoshoped to be like that. If not she really needs medical help…

  6. Bek says:

    Wow. Not the set of comments I was expecting.

    A. Different cultural definition of beauty.

    Size Standard:
    Japanese/Chinese < American < Latin

    B. She looks completely natural to me.

    But, I’m small and have a pair of silver lame’ tights too. You would not believe the things they do to your body.

    That said, the only photoshopping possibility I could see is under the leg where the shadows are, but the bottom thigh seems even with the raised thigh.

  7. Jamie Sue says:

    There’s more than one photoshop disaster in that lot.

    Not to mention some disasters of proper nutrition.

  8. Not a Doktor says:

    The hair is coming to eat me

  9. Steven says:

    the offhandedness of the “not quite as stunning” comment is troubling to me, but i’ll not infer as to ms. katayama’s motivation. suffice it to say i think that the other image is more compelling on a number of counts.

  10. Jeff says:

    I love the shoes, but is there a matching purse?

  11. Apreche says:

    That is one scary skeleton.

  12. Takuan says:

    was she in Kung Fu Hustle?

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