Wired editors unveil their feature-editing process in a new blog


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  1. Keir says:

    It’s seemed to me like there’s been a difference in the stuff I’ve been getting on the Wired feeds in the past few days, it’s seemed to me like they’re trying to change their appeal and getting it wrong, a lot of dumb stories like the worst bits of boingboing done worse with less of the good bits of either boingboing or Wired.

  2. Art Adams says:

    Wired recently wrote an article about the RED camera and got nearly all of the technical details wrong. It was embarrassing to read. Now I’m not sure I can trust any of their fact checking. I’m certainly looking at their magazine very differently–the quality of writing is excellent but the quality of their journalism seems to be questionable.

  3. claud9999 says:

    ZZzzzzzz….Wha? Oh, that ad-heavy technolust wannabegeek rag Wired is still around? That’s so, 1990′s.

  4. pspinrad says:

    Neat! The important part is making the fact-checking public. I hope all publications do that some day.

  5. Rob, Denmark says:

    Ditto that!

  6. AceJohnny says:

    fact-checking, or lack thereof.

    The question will remain on how differently they’ll behave from normal, knowing that they’re being observed.

    If they show evidence of heavy fact-checking on this article, does it mean they do it as much (or appropriately) for all other articles?

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