Dan Hillier's new tentacle horrors

Last weekend I stopped by artist Dan Hillier's stall at the Brick Lane Upmarket in east London and was treated to these four eye-popping new prints. I've got the serpent man up in my office and he gets cooler every time I look at him. New Dan Hillier prints

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  1. cool – I’ve passed by his stall a couple of times and thought how nice his work was and quite like something you’d see posted on boing boing! (if i had money, i might even buy some)

  2. Smonkey, I pointed out the similarity to Ernst last time Dan’s work went up here, and it is true. It does look cool, though. It has the air of illustrations for a horror novel but you have to guess at the plot.

    I was in need of an art post-thanks, Doctorow-and you should definitely look up ‘100 Headless Woman’ or ‘Une Semaine de Bonte’ for historical reasons)!

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