Dan Hillier's new tentacle horrors


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  1. kiddr01 says:

    cool – I’ve passed by his stall a couple of times and thought how nice his work was and quite like something you’d see posted on boing boing! (if i had money, i might even buy some)

  2. jefflewis says:

    Two words: Kafka’s “Metamorphosis”

  3. smonkey says:

    he’s ripping off max ernst (Une Semaine de Bonte)


    but since max ernst ripped off the printers…
    well then…all is fair in art.

    (tho this guy better at least reference ernst or he’s a biter with those bird head people etc made of old prints)

  4. anthony says:

    Smonkey, I pointed out the similarity to Ernst last time Dan’s work went up here, and it is true. It does look cool, though. It has the air of illustrations for a horror novel but you have to guess at the plot.

    I was in need of an art post-thanks, Doctorow-and you should definitely look up ’100 Headless Woman’ or ‘Une Semaine de Bonte’ for historical reasons)!

  5. Takuan says:

    well! I thought I’d lost these!

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