HOWTO Make Tetris brownies


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  1. OM says:

    …Brownies are one thing. but what about cookie cutters? Those would have been more of a given!

  2. Gnomon says:

    I was hoping for quite a bit more from the original article. It’s trivially easy to split up a bunch of brownies into tetrads; far more interesting is the problem of determining the optimal packing of pieces that can fit into standard-sized baking pans.

    The problem is one of determining a packing of tetrads which closely approaches a normal statistical distribution[1] and still fills the pan to the edges (since baking non-rectangular brownie shapes is, um, challenging). There’s some interesting work to be done there, I think (ref. “Tetris is Hard, Even to Approximate” (Erik D. Demaine, Susan Hohenberger, David Liben-Nowell; arXiv:cs/0210020v1 ;

    [1]: even though those damned square blocks seem to come up at the worst possible time[2]… damn it!


  3. sonny p fontaine says:


  4. FrankenPengie says:

    The “toothpick test for doneness” has given way to “took it out when it looked about right” and calling 911 for directions on making Tetris brownies.

  5. aislefive says:

    @Waterlillygirl – now that’s a fresh cake!

  6. Waterlilygirl says:

    Aislefive, I’m agreeing with you.. those brownies look like crap.

    Now I may not be an “Ace Of Cakes” but here’s a Pac Man cake I made for an ex about 5 years ago… the trick to smothing out the frosting is the heat the knife.

  7. joeyjoseph says:

    With all the legal jazz the Tetris folk throw at people, I’m surprised you of all people Cory didn’t give us a heads up on the strong possibility of the Russian mob throwing strange bricks through our windows!

  8. worthawholebean says:

    WTF. The T-shaped ones are definitely supposed to be purple.

  9. buddy66 says:

    Anybody who would put icing on a brownie would put catsup on a hotdog.

  10. anthony says:

    Buddy are you from Tennessee or Chicago?

  11. ding says:

    C’mon now people, they’re brownies shaped like the world’s greatest game. No need to be cruel.

  12. mmbb says:

    I’ve never had frosting on a brownie before. Is this a regional thing?

  13. Teresa Nielsen Hayden / Moderator says:

    They’re brownies shaped like Lemmings? I don’t see the resemblance.

  14. Waterlilygirl says:

    Thanks Aislefive! :)

  15. Cranky old woman says:

    So, my question is, where is that free tetris on line game site? I can play whilst the brownies are cooking.

    I live in a household with a six year old boy, the brownies are not gonna last long enough to cut into shapes and then be frosted.

  16. asev says:

    Thoughts before reading comments: Hooray! Brownies! Delicious!

    Thoughts after reading comments:
    C’mon, people, brownies! How can you say anything negative about brownies? Especially when they’re shaped like tetris pieces. Who cares if it’s easy to make.

    It’s obviously posted more for the idea than for detailed instructions. -_-

  17. aislefive says:

    This post wouldn’t annoy me if they looked amazing. Or even pretty good. But they look really, really bad.

    I’m guessing Cory feels obligated to post this because a fan submitted it.

  18. mdh says:

    There’s always room for just… one… more….


  19. Elvis Pelt says:

    Have we come to the point where we need a tutorial for this? Sorry for the, uh, “snark,” but….

    Dang, it’s a pan of brownies with some colored frosting.

  20. mrmuggles says:

    I’ll make those lines disappear… Great idea for a “geek cake” :P

  21. trimeta says:

    @Elvis Pelt: You’re forgetting the complex step whereby you must draw a knife along the frosting to make the lines for the individual blocks. That’ll get you every time.

    Yea, I agree, while this sort of activity should be encouraged, I’m not sure I see the need for a HOWTO on this topic. Maybe a photoset of various people enjoying them, but the instructions kind of write themselves.

  22. FLG says:

    1 – Make pan of brownies
    2 – Cut into tetris shapes
    3 – Frost shapes with different coloured frosting
    4 – Make lines to denote blocks

    Still, I can’t be mad at brownies…

  23. EH says:

    There’s a variation on strip poker somewhere in there.

  24. mdh says:

    I’ve never had frosting on a brownie before. Is this a regional thing?

    In Soviet Russia, the brownies frost YOU.

  25. Chas44 says:

    I’m gonna see those things falling to the bottom of the pan all night now…

  26. Jon Adair says:

    Klax brownies. Stack ‘em up and nom nom nom.

  27. Biscuit4 says:

    looks more like tetris taffy

  28. Biscuit4 says:

    if you’ve noticed the color variations in tetris you are over thinking

  29. Keeper of the Lantern says:

    Ugh. Tetris brownies. Disgusting.

    Now Blokus brownies would be much better…

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